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  1. KS: Have you ever thought about sending stuff via subscibers email accounts, this is what Thai visa does. You could send some kind of interesting item of info, some kind of bulletin, or even a merryX-mas/happy NY, just to let people know we are still out here and in business. Maybe a reminder that members meet at Gullivers and always welcome newcomers (and whilst on that subject, I saw no 'raised section' when i was there a few nights ago, hence am still unsure where you all congregate). What about a 'hottie' of the month (though I don't know where you could get the image). Never know, it just might pique some peoples interest. Or you could even send a sponsers message. There are so many people out there taking advantage of the board and not contributing in any way, why not send them some advertising. I'm not very computer literate, so I dont know if this would cost anything. cheers
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