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  1. unfortunately this ia reported to be the attitude in much of the gay community in the USA, Ohh its not so bad, they have drugs for that now , Well thats not really true , yes there are drugs which slow down your decline , but you still have it , can still infect others, and for some people the drug treatrment does not work and they are gone quick after being infected Play safe OC
  2. I think if its an automatuic 5 years for the gun offence they would NOT use a gun to get $100--$200 OC
  3. I cannot see Iraqi dead with my countries head in the sand OC
  4. OK.....lets say you cannot find the nut cases , what about the drumk rednecks with guns ? or the gangbangers with guns or the survivalist with 10-20 guns or the kid that finds it under Dads bed someday someone will say enough , and then he will get shot OC
  5. will it take a 100 deaths at a time , will they need to be white school kids on a trip to the zoo ? Probably 100 is not enough , 200 maybe Other than here , I really do not give it much thought, I know NOTHING is really going to happen soon, so why worry about it ..... It will take a HUGE political change , but the NRA is so organixed that any senator / congressman would be crazy to go up against them if they wanted to stay in power. Sad but true OC
  6. "In the U.S. for 2001, there were 29,573 deaths from firearms, distributed as follows by mode of death: Suicide 16,869; Homicide 11,348; Accident 802; Legal Intervention 323; Undetermined 231.(CDC, 2004) This makes firearms injuries one of the top ten causes of death in the U.S. The number of firearms-related injuries in the U.S., both fatal and non-fatal, increased through 1993, but has since declined steadily.(CDC, 2001) However, firearms injuries remain a leading cause of death in the U.S., particularly among youth (CDC, 2004)." http://library.med.utah.edu/WebPath/TUTORIAL/GUNS/GUNSTAT.html anyone find newer stats ?
  7. here is something I just found on BBC... Police said Cho Seung-hui was a South Korean living legally in the US. It is reported that he had lived in the US from a young age. Nevertheless, South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun "was shocked beyond description", and sent "deep condolences" to the victims, their families and the American people, his office said in a statement. Police did not suggest a motive for the attack. ...... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6563565.stm
  8. Seems the guy was Korean ,,,, So did he pick up the "bad American culture" while he went to school in the USA ? Sad times OC
  9. Ok....just to be fair.... the USA is 300 million people , so make your comparisons with an area of 300 million Europeans .... but lots of yeses to what you say above and add gangster rap lifestyle where people get "respect" by shooting someone or getting shot. Plus lots of poor people compared to the middle class, Its a big problem and we will fix it , right after we fix Iraq and a few other places OC
  10. [quote. As to tiose who hate guns...would you feel better if this guy made a bomb(s) and killed people? what difference does the method make? you will never stop a nut job, unless of course you have the tools to stop him the second he starts. sorry I do not believe that, A gun can kill many people in a moment of rage, much harder to do with a rock or a baseball bat, you can always pull up the odd ones, but most guns kill family members or innocent bystanders, very few guns "save" the owner from the bad guys, Yes I would like there to be no guns , or much less, but I also know that sadly I am never going to see that day in the USA OC
  11. We all know there is not a simple answer, So for most people that means do nothing This is a long term problem, but most if not all of the polititions do not have the balls to talk about resticting guns. Hey I am old enough to know this is not going to happen anytime soon OC
  12. OK....I am convinced , a changed man... Guns for everyone Ban Bullets ! OC
  13. please tell me an easy way that a "bad" person can kill 30 people in a short time without a gun bow and arrow ? OC
  14. yeah I feel so safe around LA with all the punk gangbangers having access to guns , Sorry Steve but you have to start someday getting rid of them , why not start now ? OC who got shot in the head with a BB gun from punk kids, who also got knocked on the head with a gun when a fine gentleman came to my front door and tried to rob me , I grabbed the gun !
  15. I can't agree more with you SD, but unfortunately it will never happen , Look how hard it was to make people register their AK-47s , Handguns would be impossible to get rid of, Its a sad thing that will keep happening OC
  16. OCgringo

    Mr. Chuwit / Soi 10

    I think a nice park with no shade is perfect for BKK I have never seen anyone in it , No family picnics and its only 30C + Well at least it looks better than all the unfinished / gutted buildings along Sukumvit OC
  17. I walk 100 times more in BKK than at home , At home I walk out to my car ") Here is all over the place , hours sometimes just looking around. At home we laugh that if you took us the same distance from home and made us walk back , as we would walk at a normal swap meet , we would think you were crazy, as long as there is something to look at then walking is not too boring..... OC
  18. OK,,,, its bank of asia where the western union office is on Suk next to the Landmark Went there today and again no problem with 1996 $100s and know I am not buying braces for a buffolo, just getting some baht to pay for some things I am getting made !
  19. well it seems that a regular bank does not have a problem ! I just got back from the bank , they have a UV light scanner , scanned them , and handed over the baht ! this was 5-1996s and one 1999 that the small exchange place would not take thanks for your advise, and next time I will look closer because I could have been in deep shit if no -one would take them !
  20. Well they can from the bank in the USA, but if they were real good fakes then who knows.... yes that would be a good picture , you would probably never see a bigger smile , she would think her dreams came thru.... unfortunately its just a small pile , and yes its in the hotel saftey box.......
  21. Hi all... wondering what the problem with these bills are ? all the small exchange offices will not accept them , is it the same at banks ? I looked thru my piles of hundreds and most of them are 1996 ! never thought to look at them when I was home .... Anyway am I going to have the same problem at the bank? thanks for your advise.....
  22. Hi.....not sure if this is the right forum..... I need to send a part over to BKK to get made, maybe 2 lbs/ 1 kg normally I would put it in a Global Priority Mail envelope and just post it but this part will not fit in the larger Global Priority Mail envelope. So how "safe" is it to just send it regular Airmail ? its not that the part is worth anything , its just the only one I have ! or should I step up and send it UPS - Fedex (are there fees for the parcel reciever in BKK) the company it is going to is on the outskirts of BKK, still a BKK address/post code thanks for your advise
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