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  1. Weird

    Techno Music?

    Awesome. Thanks guys. Will be keeping a list for when I eventually get a time to come 'play'
  2. Weird

    Techno Music?

    Anybody recommend any clubs/discos that play techno music?
  3. I simply state that it can be hacked and you play the melodramatic all or nothing stance because I don't agree with you that the mac is invulnerable.
  4. Whether or not a finished product is released, doesn't determine if it's a proof of concept. That's pretty backwards logic if I've ever seen any.
  5. One of them. You do realize there was more then 1 hacker who took home prizes that day right? I don't have the link off hand but there were hackers who decided to not share(I believe the iPhone hackers were among them), and told Apple they would help them figure it out on their own, in the hopes that Apple would find them on their own. If you think the only hacks out there were displayed at this conference.... haha.
  6. Did you bother to visit the link? This is exactly why Mac users are labeled either a lemming or fanboi(yes, it's fanboi, not fanboy as you incorrectly pointed out earlier). It was not just a proof of concept of a hack. If the author actually released it then Apple would have a fun time covering it up.
  7. Nervous god. General fanboi comments. 4% market share but use the words "everyone " to describe their love for apple Coss. You can stop pretending since you all but proclaimed that you don't have the slightest clue about real hacking. Has it happened? The original link proves its possible and will draw hackers to do it.
  8. Until you realize it stole all your personal/financial information and then hide itself so you would never find out.
  9. I'm not sure how staying the obvious about attacks on PCs makes Macs any safer when we've already established the fact that PCs have a higher audience and moved by that.
  10. Autorun virus are not new. If you want to prevent your computer from being infected, I'd suggest disabling auto-run for any removable devices, I 'think' by default most of them are turned off except for cd devices.
  11. You do know that the best viruses are the ones you don't notice, right?
  12. The fun part is when you get one you probably won't even know you have one ; )
  13. Funny since the link I posted is exactly that.
  14. Signing a ticket is not an admission of guilt. It is also mandatory where I live or else they can and will arrest you. I'm personally more displeased that the lady did not comply and is therefore causing more tax money to be wasted because of her belligerence then the cops potentially using excessive force with an overly large woman.
  15. We're forced to pick one? There's no zero option.
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