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  1. I know many people hate Songkran but I usually don't mind it. If you don't want to get wet stay out of the usual combat zones, ie soi 4, cowboy, silom etc. The only thing that gets to me are the idiot farangs who don't know when to stop the water fights. I often go to the downunder bar on Sukhumvit soi 7, usually to watch the footy over a few beers, but on monday night around 11pm I decided to drop in on my way home for a last drink. I was following another guy up the soi, a few metres behind him luckily, when a couple of goons at the front of the Downunder started drenching him, followed by a couple of the girls tipping buckets of water over him. I heard him tell them its all over, and one of the guys said "...my bar, I'll do what i want". I watched a bit of pushing and shoving, then turned around and walked away. I did n't need one last drink that badly. If he really was the owner he has lost my business in future, and if he was n't really the owner but just bullshitting then the place needs a new mamasan. Either way, there are plenty of other bars to drink at if the Downunder wants to lose business.
  2. That would be an all inclusive price, with the "extras", so its about the same price as a soapy massage.
  3. Well, there certainly was not any farang women in the staff photos !! definitely all thai .
  4. I've been "window shopping" on a couple of massage websites, and wondering what "B2B + B2F 1:30hr Top + Bottom' means ? Body to body for 1.5 hours I can guess, whats B2F and top+bottom ? Whatever it is costs 1800 baht.......
  5. Yes, but if you are living overseas permanently you cannot claim any pension, unless in a country which has reciprocal social security agreements with Australia (ie NOT Thailand) "Normally, if you leave Australia permanently you will not be able to continue getting your payment, except for certain pensions. You can continue to get certain payments from Centrelink paid outside Australia if Australia has an agreement with the country you move to." "Most Centrelink payments and services can only be paid for temporary absences of up to 13 weeks outside Australia and you must remain qualified for your payment while you are absent from Australia (you continue to meet the normal qualification rules for the payment, your permanent home is still in Australia, and you are only absent from Australia temporarily" Luckily I've got a Defence Force pension which they cannot take off me ....
  6. Well, it's still a few months to go before I retire and make the move, but after paying taxes for all my working life it would be nice to receive at least a part pension (legally, without lying about your place of residence), but that will never happen ....perhaps you should phrase it as paying us to stay away so that the govt. will not have to subsidise our OAP discounts and freebies ?
  7. MikeN

    Sexual Acronyms

    Actually, I think they have used google translations for at least some of them, from Chinese into English
  8. There was a bit of fuss here in Australia about a chinese "student" selling her virginity on a local escort service website (http://www.myoutcall.com.au/web/default.aspx ), so out of curiosity I checked it, and her, out ...$15,000 for 4 nights ! But while window shopping the other girls, there were a couple of services that got me stumped. Apart from the usual BBBJ, CIM, COF, FS, etc a couple of the girls had "family services" listed as a specialty ....servicing dad and son ? daddy & daughter roleplay ? or what ? Another was "DD" ? At AU$300/hr (9000baht), or $1500/night I am only window shopping, I can wait another 11 days and 4 hours......
  9. MikeN

    Yowies ...

    thats the sort of stuff they said about the platypus when it was first discovered. All the "experts" back in the UK thought the first skins sent to them were fakes ...a swimming, duck billed mammal that lays eggs ? "impossible!"
  10. believe it or not ... www.fotosizer.com
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