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Found 1 result

  1. In Bangkok again on business next week, lads. Now, your uncle Jack's got a pesky mole in the small of his back that's gotten peskier of late. . It's right on the belt line, and what with my waist ballooning due to excess ale it chafes on the waistband something rotten. A month ago the bastard started bleeding. Healed up okay, but it's been itching like fuck since than, and seems to have got bigger. I can't see the fucking thing due to its position, even using a mirror, (and I haven't got a bird who could have a shufty for me), but it's raised from the skin and soft, more like a wart. Anyway, too much information. I apologise. Time to get the sodding thing removed. I think it'd be a slice-and-dice surgery job with local anaesthetic, rather than laser. But where? I checked some old posts. Asoke Skin Clinic is recommended, and I know there are a few places up by MBK. It's not cosmetic surgery: I've lived happily with it for 50 years. I want it removed because it's turned weird, and better safe than sorry. So I want a proper job, where they'll biopsy to check if it's cancerous. Bumrumgrad (I have a member's card as I got treatment there once for an ear infection)? The dude who 'recommended' Asoke Clinic said they just whipped his mole off without a by your leave then stripped his wallet of 1,100 baht and showed him the door, almost bargirl tactics, didn't check if it was benign or whatnot. I'd rather have treatment a tad more diligent. Any recommendations? Thanks for help in advance, fellers. jack
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