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condom use?


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MightyMouse said:

I talked to some girls - some use condoms - some don't. In many cases it is up to the guy. One girl told me that one falang that hangs out at the beer garden does not use condoms. Many girls will not go with him, but some will. Money is money.


I was negotiating with a BBS7 girl a while ago, and because I'm a bit distrustful of some FLs, I asked her if she'd do the deed without.

She seemd to think for a sec about her chances of scoring if she'd said "No", then replied: "OK, but only if you not come inside".


I told her that was the wrong answer, and declined to take it any further. She looked confused.




The only BG I ever f..d without, was my ex GF, after she'd left the bar three months earlier, and after we had repeated tests for everything under the sun.


Only thing I didn't know, was that she had one other LT B'friend (Brit), who also visited her on a regular basis, and also f..d her without.


When i met him later, at a time he was pissed off with her, he told me indignantly that she gave him Herpes!!!


Hmm, I wondered if I was responsible for that.


Now, even if I'd be silly enough to ever get a more permanent BG or exBG GF, I will not ever do without condom again. (I hope)

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Sensible man, some learn from experiences while others seem to carry on out of control. Ok LOS gets exciting and with a mix of drink babes and bright lights common sense can take a bit of a back seat. However as it's a possible life/death decision it's a good idea to get into the habit of never doing it without.-peter

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