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Adventures in Facism at Nana Disco!


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So first, a little background for those of you who just walked into the room: I've been going to Nana Disco for some three years now. Yeah, the music is cheesy, the farang guys are the dregs of their respective societies, and the girls are often of, um, questionable looks and value for the buck, but hey, it's home, in a way! And on a good night, when I run into 4-5 friends (bar girls) shakin' it there, it can be damn motherfuckin' fun. Plus, shiiiiit, the DJ knows me by name and often greets me over the mic when I walk in the room. Hahah, yes, I'm easily amused...


But something has happened, to make it much less fun. And it's 100% attributable to the owners.


Consider this, if you will: 3 years ago, the entry fee for farangs was 160 baht, the price of a basic drink (heineken, cocktail, whatever). Then, at some point--can't remember when--it jumped to 200 baht. Okay, doable. Then, it motherfuckin' LEAPED to 300, and about a year ago, jumped through the goddamn fuckin' roof to 400, where it sits today.


A little perspective here, people: hi-so places like Q-Bar, Bed and others have a 500 cover charge, and that gets you TWO drinks. Nana? Still holding at one.


But that's not the worst of it, my friends. What's grown (declined?) in tandem with price has been the attitude of the staff, a direct trickle-down (by their own admission) of the greedy, sleazy-as-they-come owners.


ND has long been a place where poor, defenseless (and I'm not being ironic here at all) freelancers have been hassled to shit. And that hasn't improved. A girl gets her ass in the door for free with her bat prachachuon, but heaven help her if she doesn't buy at least a coke *immediately*: she's booted out on her ass faster than you can say "khi neaw," by ugly ass staff who, save for the luck of destiny blessing them with a totally non-fuckable face and ass, would be sellin' it just like they are, let's not kid ourselves. Yet they treat them like total shit, like pieces of refuse whores.


The (no doubt underpaid) staff are not totally to blame for this, though. Because they're thoroughly encouraged in this attitude by the owners, by the latter's own admission.


Lately, it's gotten worse. Consider this: I've brought girls in there as "dates"--yeah, usually rent-a-dates, but what the fuck? they're not in there scoopin' customers or anything--and they're STILL treated as shit, with the total support of the owners. I get a drink ticket for my 400 baht outlay, right? The price of two drinks plus. Even if m'lady never drank a drop, it's not like they're fuckin' LOSING anything!! Let's say I've had quite a few elsewhere previously, and I'm not ready to drink JUST YET (though I no doubt will be after a half hour of vigorous dancing). Can I use my entrance ticket to buy my "date" a drink? No way, Charlie. "You lady haf to buy drink". What the fuck?? Like I said, I so wanna shoot back with, "how far are YOU away from being a crack whore, bitch? Your sorry ass face and the fact that you don't have a kid

back in the village being cared for by your mom are the only reasons you're not in here sellin' it just like them." But I wouldn't be that cruel to their faces, despite the fact I know they genuinely look down on the hard workin' BGs. Because the REAL bitches here are the owners. Fucking raking it in from the farangs, and screwing the freelancers they so desparately need to survive in the process.


C'mon, who goes in to Nana Disco and *doesn't* drink?? I usually down 2-3 in there. And have you ever observed the majority of partyin'-down bar girls guzzling those disgusting and really expensive "blue cocktails"?? The bastards are not going out of business any time soon, that's for motherfucking sure.


But the last straw(s) came just recently. As many of you may know, for 3,000 baht one can become a hallowed MEMBER of ND. This means you not only get in without paying the 400 baht "instant bar fine," but you also get to bring in up to 4 non-Thai friends for free. But you know what? there ain't no free lunch. You (and your guests) are instantly hounded by the staff--at the careful direction of the cunt owners--to buy a drink INSTANTLY upon entering. If you need to catch your breath first? You're threatened with ejection in one second flat.


And it gets worse. My friend--a member of this message board--is an ND "life member," and regularly gets me in. We both regularly ALWAYS buy more than our one drink minimum. But on a recent visit, where upon entering I bought him a shot, and I got a beer, and he subsequently bought himself another shot, he was repeatedly, very aggresively hassled by staff to "buy a drink" (because they say him with empty hands)...even though he had already bought several.


Apparently, the new, unstated but heavily enforced ND rule is, "you MUST have a drink in your hands at ALL times, or you will be assumed to be a criminal and a freeloader."


Oh, and one more new money-making scheme, as if they weren't already squeezing everyone dry: as of the last couple weeks, ND now refuses to sell heinekens. I say "refuses" because heineken is still plentiful

just outside the door at the Nana hotel cocktail lounge. Why would they suddently stop selling heinekens? Well, they apparently figured out that they were

getting 160 baht--that's a pretty high profit margin--for a bottle of heineken, and the same price for Singha. which beer do you think it costs *them* more to buy? so they dropped the heinekens altogether, knowing

that people will still pay the same price (and they'll make just a little more profit) for a Singha. Apparently raising the price of Heinekens wouldn't been a bit outrageous even for them, seeing as they've already jacked the entrance fee up horrendously high.


So what's the solution? Yeah, I know, don't go, boycott the place, and who the fuck will care? Not those fat bastards cleaning up on every brain dead tourist and his brother.


But I've often had a different idea: organize a freelancer strike, a *sex worker boycott of Nana Disco*. Within two nights, with no girls in there, you know there would be 0 farangs in there. They (ND) NEED the girls that they treat like shit. And even charging farangs 200 for entry, they'd still be rich waaaaay beyond the grave. Would a two night strike wake them up and

cause them to capitulate to a few meager demands? In reality, doubtful.


Alas, my idea is just a fantasy. And this is ultimately just a rant, that will no doubt make many of you say, "so what?" Because the other thing is, anyone open with impunity until 3 am each night like ND is surely deeply in bed with the police. Anyone organizing such a strike--and no, I'm not going to really do it, despite having the language skills, including the literacy skills necessary to do the necessary leaflets in Thai announcing the "strike"--would surely end up in some sub

soi off of soi 4, their face bashed in beyond recognition. And that's the outcome is they're *lucky*! And the strike line of bar girls outside the disco would no doubt be set up upon by gangs of police-organized thugs, who would no doubt beat the holy shit out of the all the girls who couldn't run away fast enough.


Unfortunately, there's no winning here for anyone except the owners of Nana Disco.



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Entertaining post my friend, whats the solution? well I don't really give a tinkers because I have not been there for 5 years, and certainly then, if anyone suggested an "entry fee" they would have been kicked in the Gonads. But this is the Beauty of the free market economy, while the world has a sufficient number of fools willing to fork out 400 Baht and 160 Baht for a Singa they will keep on gouging them. It won't stop until even the stupid realise that someone is is porking them royally.

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Jeeze. I got pissed off when they had a 200B entrance fee.


Add in this attitude and I would be right royally pissed at the staff - even if it is the managements fault. Very glad I dont go there.


What are you supposed to do if you are dancing, hold your drink at all times so they dont hassle you?


Feck that for a game of soldiers!

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before they brought in the entrance charge it was still a hassle from the waitresses that would pester you quite fiercly to buy more drinks when my glass was still not empty. I had some run ins with them at the time, talk about bad ass staff even then .

I told them to get fucked and that i would buy another beer when my glass was empty but then they badgered me non stop so i left and pulled chicks outside the entrance door.

But i tolerated it then because they were some decent women in there at that time .But no longer would i pay their exhorbitant charges for rough looking women in there nowadays.

you might get lucky on a saturday night and find a diamond but most of them now are ugly badassed hardened shortime gals from the parking lot.

it must rate as the worst place to meet thai women now.

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