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Fidel Castro in surgery, brother has power


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Castro may be on his way out.


Fidel Castro in surgery, brother has power

Washington (dpa) - A statement on Cuban state television late Monday said that Cuban President Fidel Castro has temporarily delegated power to his youngest brother, Raul.


Fidel Castro, 79, had undergone surgery to treat an intestinal haemorrhage blamed on stress from overwork and travel during the last two weeks, the statement from Havana said. The government statement emphasized that the delegation of provisional power was a temporary step to allow the communist leader to recover.


Castro has held power on the Caribbean island since the Cuban revolution in 1959. His health has been the subject of frequent speculation in recent years, and he turns 80 on August 13.


Castro was in Argentina 10 days ago for a summit of the South American trading bloc Mercosur.


Vice President Raul Castro is 75. He heads Cuba's military and security forces and has been his brother's chosen successor for decades. He has been taking on a more public profile in recent weeks.



The letter also said that the Aug 13 celebrations for Castro's 80th birthday have been postponed. They've been rescheduled until Dec 2, the 50th anniversary of Cuba's Revolutionary Armed Forces.



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