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Mc Tavish Chapter 11


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Mc Tavish Chapter 11


Broken Heart


A broken body cast on the rubbish tip of broken hearts, Hell hath no fury like a McTavish scorned. Thinking he had been rejected by Pie, Laph was now on a suicide mission of booze and birds. In fact he hadnâ??t been rejected totally, he had just met a tough â??good Thai girlâ?? who was sticking to her standards. Pie liked Laph, but didnâ??t want to commit herself and wanted to leave her options open. She was 28 years old now and time was passing her by fast. 28 was old for a Thai girl not to be married, it was equal to a 40 year old farang woman. So even though Laph didnâ??t realize it, he was in the prime position to be chosen at this stage.


Laph dodged all the Soi Cowboy touts as he strode past the bars with Gibbo in tow trying to keep up. Laph made it to Doug Walkers Tonka bar, turning left quickly he barged through the staff who were standing outside. One of the girls yelled something at Laph, but he ignored her, they had to play by Laphâ??s rules now! Which was a little harsh, as she was only complaining because Laph had knocked her â??krappow kopâ? (stir fried frog with chillies) off the outside railing with his overnight bag as he swung inside! Gibbo wasnâ??t so lucky. He never made it through the gauntlet of Soi Cowboy and was ambushed by the pride of girls from the â??Tarzan barâ?Â. They were notorious for picking off the loner that doesnâ??t keep up with the rest of the herd. It had been some time since the pride had fed, at least 1 hour! They dragged him away from the safety of the herd and into the domain of their bar. Gibbo was beyond help now, the matriarch of the pride had already cut his wind off by clamping down on his muzzle and the younger members were attacking his soft under belly. Gibbo made a couple of feeble attempts by kicking out, but the young lioness dodged it and reattached herself with a better grip. Gibbo's eyes rolled back in his head as he succumbed. â??In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the lion sleeps tonightâ?Â, played in the background.


â??Oy, McTavish ya tosserâ?Â, yelled Doug as Laph entered the bar. â??Hi Dougâ?Â, said Laph as he plonked himself down near Doug at the end of the bar. â??What are ya havinâ?Â, asked Doug. â??A large whiskeyâ?Â, sighed Laph as he deposited his bag on the floor with a resounding thump and a squeal. A girl hopped off to examine her toe in one of the booths. McTavish was oblivious to all this as he threw his whisky down. The girls were keeping their distance from him, in case they sustained some sort of injury, as there was no workers compensation in this industry. Doug indicated at two girls, sitting in the booth curled up like kittens, to take care of Laph. It was a slow night, the girls were catching up on some preening and sleep. Both got up, stretched, readjusted their hair and then sauntered over to Laph. â??You ok Laph? ya look a bit differentâ?Â, asked Doug. â??Aye you could say that, Iâ??m a wee bit peevedâ?Â. Laph told him the story and after Doug stopped laughing, he wiped the tears from his eyes, patted Laph on the back and said, â??TIT Laph, TITâ?Â. â??Er, whatâ?Â, asked Laph. â??TIT. This Is Thailandâ?Â, explained Doug. They ordered more Black Label and Doug proceeded to explain the meaning of life according to Thailand. Laph nodded throughout the lesson, indicating that he understood. It was either that or the girl next to him had finally unbuttoned his fly and got hold of the business end!


â??But donâ??t worry about that, thereâ??s miles and miles of vertical smiles hereâ?Â, Doug said with a grin on his face. â??Yes, I know what you meanâ?Â, replied Laph, while extracting a girls hand from the depth of his underpants.


â??Now more important things, Som and I are gonna get married. She wants me to make an honest woman out of herâ?Â. â??Congratulations Dougâ?Â, said Laph clicking glasses with Doug. â??She wants a ceremony up country with the family in Surin. I would like a few mates up there for support, would you like to come up?â? â??Aye that would be grand, sure Iâ??ll comeâ?Â, replied Laph. â??Well itâ??s next Saturday and I will be driving up with Som and a few of the girls, you can go up with a mate of mine Malâ?Â, explained Doug.


Just then Gibbo staggered in, hair disheveled shirt buttoned up wrong, fly undone and with a glazed look in his eyes. â??You okâ?Â, asked Laph. â??Dunno, I think Iâ??ve been done over like a Sunday dinner!â? exclaimed Gibbo. â??Doug, this is a friend of mine, Gibboâ?Â. â??How ya doingâ?Â, Doug said shaking Gibboâ??s hand. â??I donâ??t know, Iâ??m a bit wallaby Tedâ??s brother!â? said Gibbo, as he sat down a bit further up the bar. The alert went out that there was injured dazed prey in the bar. A group of girls rose out of the darkness and descended on Gibbo. â??Now, now ease up you mobâ?¦..hey cut that outâ?¦..aw shitâ?¦..fucking hellâ?Â. As Gibbo was being attacked, his cries for help were smothered.


â??What are ya hanging around an Aussie for, theyâ??re pricks, thereâ??s one been sniffing around my missus. If I catch him Iâ??ll kill the bastardâ?Â, said Doug loud enough for Pet, who was counting cash behind the bar, to hear. She looked up with a grimace on her face and jutted her chin out a couple of times at Doug. This is known as the â??Jin Jokâ? as it resembled a geko nodding. It was the Thai way of saying â??up yoursâ?Â. â??Settle down Doug, heâ??s ok, he has only been here for a couple of weeksâ?Â, explained Laph. â??Yeah well, I donâ??t trust the fuckersâ?Â, Doug said getting up and going to the hong nam (toilet).


â??Chok dee, chok deeâ?Â, as the group of girls clicked glasses with Gibbo using one hand while continuing their groping with the other. One of the girls with Laph, Moo, made slurping noises while stroking her lips with two fingers. Laph had no idea what she was on about but whatever it was it was going to cost him money! â??Can we have a drinkâ?Â, cooed Moo pointing to herself and Yid the other girl. Laph nodded apprehensively as he knew what this would lead to. He was already â??barred upâ? after constant stroking by Moo and was scared the end was going to poke out of the leg of his shorts. â??Kop khun kaâ?Â, the girls said in unison, and hurried off to get the drinks and their chit. â??What happens if he takes me home, Iâ??m klua (scared)â?Â, asked Moo as she waited for the lady drinks. â??Klua, why?â? asked Yid. â??I felt his thing, its same as chang (elephant)! said Moo with eyeâ??s like dinner plateâ??s.â?? â??It will fit no problemâ?Â, said Yid with confidence. â??Yes I know, but what if he wants to put it in my doot (bottom) like the last farang from Germany I went home with?â? exclaimed Moo. â??I have a planâ?Â, said Yid. â??Oh my Budda, you and your plans. It has to be better than when you said lets go to Bangkok and work in a high class bar earning ten thousand a night, and where did we end up? Here, working for a skinny ugly Scotsman and his kii neow (sticky shit) girlfriendâ?Â, said Moo with a frown. â??Trust me, we tell Khun Laph that we are sisters and must go together, then we take care of each other. I will make sure he doesâ??nt shiskabab youâ?Â, said Yid taking her drink and clipping Moo over the head. â??Oiy jep!â? cried Moo as she trotted after Yid rubbing her head.


Doug and Gibbo were deep in conversation now, the girls had become bored after the drinks stopped arriving and had gone back to their perches to wait for another customer. Doug and Gibbo were now drunk and best of mates, swapping stories, each getting bigger and better than the last after each drink. Laph had the girls back with him, both showing him a great deal of attention. Laph was in a quandary, he liked both but did not know who to choose. So what does he do, when in doubt choose the girl with the biggest tits! Standard format! Laph suggested to Moo that maybe she would like to go eat something and then retire to his apartment. Incidentally Moo was the one with the biggest tits hence the name Moo (pig)! â??Kor tort Khun Laph but there is a problemâ?Â, said Yid. What the fuck now, always a problem thought Laph. â??We are sisters and we always go togetherâ?Â, explained Yid. â??You mean both of you want to come with me?â? asked Laph. Chai, chai, pai duey (Yes, yes, we go together)â?Â, explained Moo. Laph thought for a while and the stirring in the nether regions made his decision for him (you know small brain rules the larger one)! â??Ok, that sounds great, just let me check with Dougâ?Â. â??Excuse me Doug, but these two girls want to go with me is that ok?â?? â??What am I, ya father! Fill ya boots son, and the bar fine is on the houseâ?Â. Pet looked up and gave him another â??Jin Jokâ?Â.


Gibbo and Doug ordered food in from the â??old Dutchâ?Â. Both ordered over sized roast beef rolls. Most of Gibboâ??s roll would end up down the front of his shirt but it was well worth it.


Laph waited for the girls to change while having another black soda. Yid and Moo emerged in their street clothes, tee shirts, jeans and hand bags with various small animals, cartoon characters attached to the strap. Laph said goodbye to Doug and Gibbo, receiving a few words of lewd encouragement as he left. Laph felt like a movie star as he walked down Soi Cowboy with a girl on each arm. The girls suggested they go to â??Tip Topâ? restaurant on Sukhumvit. This was the flashiest restaurant they could think of and were salivating at the thought of a good meal.


At â??Tip Topâ? Laph suggest the girls do the ordering. They ordered up big. Tom Yum Kung (spicy prawn soup), Yam Moo (spicy pork with lemon), Tod Mun PLaa (fish cakes), Kang Masaman (muslim curry), pat kung cup kratium prik thai (prawn with garlic and pepper) and of course lots of rice. The food was out in record time and Laph wondered how they could actually cook such exotic food so quickly. Laph was on top of things, this time he ordered a large cold beer to cool the mouth down, which actually makes things worst sometimes. The girls were in full swing eating and serving Laph bits and pieces. Laph had now raised up quite a sweat and was on the second large beer chang to put the fire out. â??Pi Yid, why is the farangs skin leaking?â? â??I have no idea Moo, but I will tell you one thing, when we get back to the room he will have the cold air on full. You will need to rug up for the night Iâ??m telling you!â? Just then Laph, while not looking, had taken a spoonful of Tom Yum and in the process scooped up a â??prik kii nooâ? (small birds eye chillie). As he ate a prawn the chilly was chewed as well. The Thai hand grenade took about 3 to 4 seconds to go off. Laph started to hic up, his face went red and eyes started to stream tears. This was great amusement to the girls, they hadnâ??t had so much fun since Doug fell off of his bar stool. They finally relented and felt sorry for him. Yid ordered some cucumber and banana, which they fed to poor old Laph. The fire was doused and finally Laph composed himself, wiping his brow with the pink tissues at the table. This left pieces of tissue all over his face, making the waiter giggle as he delivered the bill.


Laph and the girls walked back to Liberty Place, with Laph wondering what he was going to do with two girls! He was battling to handle one! They went into Laphâ??s apartment and the girls immediately shot into the bathroom leaving Laph alone watching TV. â??I have a plan Mooâ?Â, said Yid with her hand under her chin like â??the thinkerâ?Â. â??This is going to wellâ?Â, said Moo sarcastically. â??Listen nom yai (big tits), what we do is pum pum him so much he will not have any energy if he thinks he is going to put that big thing any where else. I will work on the top end and you work on the bottomâ?Â. â??Why do I get the danger zone?â? whined Moo. â??Because you have a bigger mouth than I doâ?Â, said Yid laughing. Moo pinched Yid on the breast. â??Jep!â? cried Yid, â??Lets ap nam (shower)â?Â. They both emerged from the bathroom and dove straight into the big double bed, pulling the covers up over them. Laph looked and sighed, this is going to be another disaster he thought, as he went into the bathroom. The bathroom look like a flock of ducks had been in there. There was water everywhere, up the walls, on the mirror, even Laphs shaving kit had a ½ an inch inside!


Laph showered and slipped into bed. Slowly by the light of the TV the girls started to get down to business. Yid had to have a feel, â??Oh my Buddaâ?Â, she gasped. â??Change of plans Moo, you look after the top end, this is a job for the boss!â? There were many hands and other body parts attacking Laph and he was subdued into a night of pure bliss. After two hours of lovemaking, Laph finally fell asleep, with Yid and Moo curled up either side of him like kittens keeping warm.


Nothing could be better than this, no hassles, no worries, just good times and great sex. Would there ever be only one woman in Laphâ??s life?




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