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Buying A property in ThaILAND


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I am with you on this.


I will keep my apartment in Brisbane and am looking for a nice small condo (2 bedrooms) along the river in Bangkok.


I will do some research in September (should be there now but the missus, who never complains about me going to Thailand (always said, it's men's business) needed an urgent operation, which I am duty bound to stay around and make sure she is alright after it) - now landed on 10 September.


I have a young thai girl (27) who is helping me out, as 95% of the adds are in Thai. Have already ear marked a few properties to look at.


The old chestnut whether to buy or rent is applicable wherever you live. However, the biggest regular cost when your away from home is accommodation, and it always goes up, never down.


So, I take the position that if I have my own condo/house I am more likely to go back to Thailand more often then not, as I can always leave my stuff behind, and it is more comfortable as you can decorate it to your tastes. Hotel accommodations can be hit and miss and it's tiring living out of a suitcase. Also, for the costs involved, and if you do your homework, you can get condo still for a rlatively cheap price. With the state of the economy, the high Aussie dollar, it seems an appropriate time to buy.

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That is my thoughts as well ...add the fact if we use BKK as our base we are now nine hours closer to London etc..and a saving on air plus hotels adds up ...sure you could rent but we want our own things to come back to ..don't wish to find a board members undies under my bed :shocked::neener:


We have a couple of girls on the ground for us as well ....a view of the river and close to the the BTS a must..imo


Happy hunting :thumbup:

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