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  1. Lots of laughs ... However, it's funny how those old adages ring true ... you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Good to see an old familiar poster ... I remember when you were a nervous first timer, but a constant poster (as one can see from 10,000 excess posts). Maybe they should do a sociology review as to the changing faces of forums in geograhphical regions to to review social norms of old forums. Although, it seems a shame, there has been a lot of wisdom posted here, maybe in jest or in forethought. I did note that an old timer has since gone Eyebee ... RIP S
  2. It's been awhile, but who is left on this board? Last time I was shooting out dribble, there was alot of debate about the significance/tenure of this/the board. A quick glimpse of recent posts reveal a lack of vigour - is it that bad or did I just get back to base during a holiday period?
  3. I, am so tight, that I could step on a quarter and tell you if it's heads or tails. If it ain't licking my dick, it should be walking so I can check out its ass (free of course, as I can get this on any free beach back in Oz). I can never understand why working girls should get a free deal, if she works it right, she gets paid, if not, keep walikng.
  4. Union, the game where fat ass pansies lay on top of each other grunting some obscene language pretending to be real men, oh yeah, now I see the Thai connection Carousel bar
  5. They are not as bad as they use to be, in fact, it seems quite normal these days, just a few "you want a taxi" and that's about it
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV41-vuw1sE
  7. They were Australian Rules players, not Rugby League players, get it right Coss, for feck sake
  8. Ah, no. It is still the same, not that I have stayed in it since my first few trips back in the early nineties ... I went in there last August, pretending to look at the rooms, but even the usual house staff could not be bothered trying to convince you it is anything else then what it is
  9. Why not add the Alanta (78 Sukhumvit Soi 2, Bangkok)? This institution opened in 1952, and not a skerrick appears to have changed since then. It's still a bit of a shame as the foyer promises mystery and charm but the rooms themselves are dreary. As it is, the Atlanta is often full, with people seduced by the foyer, quirky pool and eclectic notices around the place posted by founder Dr Max Henn. The rooms are rundown and every mattress in the place should be burned, but still, the crowds come. The Atlanta is located at the very end of the soi. When you reach the church it's the abandon
  10. In relation to banks, you just need none or lots of documentation, it depends on the teller. When you're here, I can take you to a bank or banks, and you can try your luck. Why the green bank?
  11. Even Cleopatra thought she was more in control then she ever could dreamed to have been http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFp4axRBag8
  12. I have been drunk the last day, so I am a bit late to reply. Yes, your sentiments are logical and correct, but at home, I am subject to 3 false fire alarms a week, and you just get blaze about it (but at least in Oz the fire alarms do work). I guess it is just because you are in LOS, you just fall into a sense of surrealism. Two days after the fire and the 5th floor still smells of smoke, I wonder, if you are in a savy western country, and you have claims of economic lost that a 1 room fire bill turns into 2/3 floors of lost income damage, making it up to $500,000 damage ... it ma
  13. I was thinking as much, the same, myself, but extended it to knocking off the competition for other lucrative graft and corruption business practices
  14. I am staying at an apartment block in Pa-ram 9 area and yesterday (Sunday), at about the ungodly hour of about 8:00 AM, what sounded like a Chinese travel group started running up and down my floor. I thought, bloody stupid group tourists. Well, they keep this up for about 15 minutes, I was going to go out and tell them my considered thoughts but thought the better of it ... memories of that old 70's song Kung Fu Fighting came to mind. Well, next thing, the fire alarm goes off, and I thought "dickheads". It sounded as if it was on another floor, so I just turned up the TV and watched my a
  15. Big news in NSW, Islamic man fires on cops, shoots one and uses the excuse "I shot at the police as I thought they believed I was a terrorist and the shots were made for fear of my life (whilst having an illegal firearm in the first place) GETS OFF ... Australia is becoming a mad house
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