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The King of Eden's Clout.


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A while back there was the tale of a real sugar-daddy surgeon, a ballad about him is now on-line and ready to be told :D


Thanks to Tyler Dannan for the use of his voice in bringing the 'The King of Edens Clout' to life :)




A cautionary tale from Bangkok, Thailand.


Voice by Tyler Dannan.


Lyrics by Watch Ryder.


A newcomer to Thailand arrives but get's more than he bargains for when he enter's 'Edens Club' off Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok!



He came into Bangkok, king of the swing, money in his pocket and a smoking grin.

'Where's the Thai ladies, I hear they're everywhere?'

'Go to Eden's Sir, plenty of women there'

Into Eden's he strode, money rumbling his clothes for he was the farang with a large nose.

'What would you like sir? One drink and then choose.'

The surgeon looked out, his old eyes a-gleam, as several women shook his man-thing.

'I have money to play with Frenchman, but what are the rules?'

'Two girls at a time, they'll make your noodle explode but now sir now please choose.'


4,000 baht later and he's taken two to the room. It's one guy and two girls you know what they do.

Vibrators and dildos, movements and jerkings, pretty soon the surgeons knee's are a-quirking.

His mind is a-buzz and his noodle is jiving, nothing before has he seen this enlivening.

The Girls do their thing and make him feel like a man, he's on cloud nine now as he 'joins' the Eden gang.

Once he returns the Frenchman is smiling and randy, he know's the sugar daddy has landed.

'What more for the surgeon? You look all anew and dainty.'

'I want them to join me, my hotel is waiting, do what you must, but keep this game entertaining.'

With that the show really started as the legend of Eden's Clout made his mark imparted.

Now not five, but six mercedes with tricks began ferrying the eden's girls to Hotel Essex.

Each night it went on and the money did flow, as this sugar daddy went out of control!

Full Lyrics and Story available here:




Copyright: http://www.ontheroadthailand.com


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