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I hope you b*stards are enjoying warmer weather ...

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Eastern States of Oz - most of us below about Bundy are currently freezing our nuts off. Snow in Orange, Guyra has a range of 2-8 deg C : hardly Siberia, but you folk from the Northern Hemisphere are built to take this crap : weenies like me cant handle it.


Yeah, I know - that last week long cold snap in BKK was really rough, right ?

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Yes, my missus felt sorry for me so she is sending me off to Korea for a month to enjoy the onset of summer over there (and to prepare for my long stay over there - to learn Korean) ... oh yeah, I added a 10 day sojourn to LOS on the way over ... you are absolutely right Gobbles, no need to stay here and soak up the chill (especially when I can get the NRL footy online, very cheaply, these days) :beer:

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Ahn Nyung Ah Say-oh.




You should also stop by the Mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles (where I live, also known here as K-town, home to more Koreans than any other city in the world with the exception of Seoul Korea).


I love Korean food most of all. The plethora of side dishes, the variations of Kimchi, and the spices. Tis a beautiful thing.


And they kinda remind of the Irish in that their free time seems to be split between bars and churches. :)


Have a good trip Oz.

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