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Black Pagoda Bar

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I was talking briefly to an English guy in a pub in Dubai the other night when the subject, as it so often does, turned to Thailand. He had never been to LOS but was hoping to soon as two American friends of his had a bar in Patpong called the Black Pagoda.


Now I thought I new Patpong well but had never heard of the Black Pagoda so looked it up on the net and found a Stickman article from September 2009 about it.


My link


Apparently it's located in Patpong 2 in the overhead walkway that connects the carpark above the Foodland Supermarket with the building across the street (the building that Cosmos is in).


If it's been there since 2009 then I must have walked under it about 50 times but never knew it was there!


Anyone been to it?

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