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Warnings On Caps Meant To Curb Tylenol Overdoses

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I accept that its possible to buy the tablets necessary to kill yourself if you are concerted enough.


But you would have to walk into multiple shops and maybe queue at the checkout multiple times, without losing the determination / courage to kill yourself. This law was aimed at saving the lives of youngsters who, if in a pharmacy would be asked "Are you taking any other medication?"


Even if the purchase goes ahead, the youngster might have second thoughts on the walk to the next shop. And if in a small village, there wouldn't be another shop. If this law has saved the life of even one indecisive teen, isn't it worth having?

all your points are valid to a certain extent,but there are times when people are determined.

i have lost 2 friends recently who were willing to stand in shop queues and walk to multiple shops and buy tablets off the shelves to get what they needed.

the 2nd thoughts is a good point,the average urge/craving for most things is around 15-20 minutes and will subside.

but not to say the urge/craving will return very quickly and be stronger,but this is not always the case.

this is known as 'surfing the wave' and as we are all individuals we will cope with all things put in our path in different ways.

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Sorry to here you have lost 2 friends to tablet overdoses. I'm betting they weren't teenagers who are much more likely to change their mind before its too late.

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