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When Does High Season Start Now ?

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Nasiadai, I bet you'd love to live an hour's flight from Bangkok instead of 10-12 hours ? In a country where daytime temps rarely drop below 30 deg C, on an island which experiences very few tropical storms, in a country where they welcome you with open arms every time you land at the airport and let you stay for 90 days at a time free of charge ? A country where the food's hot and the beer is cold, and Catholic Chinese kids smile at you on their way to school ? An island with an international airport that will get you to most of the cities in the Asia-Pacific, cheaply and quickly ?


I'll send you a postcard :D

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Mr. Gobbledonk,

well, I don't understand your posting #21.

I enjoyed the sun, the beaches, the warmness, Thai food, the Thai people and the girls many times. I was a happy holidaymaker. 4 weeks, 30 days, every time.

To reach the beaches in the south, I took the train, not a plain. It is more fun to travel by train: second class, sleeper, bottom.


I came for the first time to Bangkok and Siam at the beginning of the 90ties; more than 22 years ago.

I enjoyed the gogo bars and the girls. It was so different from my experiences at home in German discos, music clubs, summer parties, birthday parties

and other celebrations and locations where you can meet girls and women.

In Bangkok everything was different: It was amazing. I entered a bar and two minutes later I had a beautiful girl in my arms,

dressed in a bikini only, my hands exploring her body, my lips kissing her sweet mouth, enjoying her emotions, her cheerfulness, her smile.

An affect-cocktail of disbelief, of high spirits and intense sense of pleasure started shivering through my mind.


I am still fascinated by the girls-scene on lower Sukumvhit, although today I am an aging boy.



Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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All I'm saying is that the next time I get on a plane to Asia, I wont be coming back to Australia - ever - and that makes me very, very happy. I'll miss this high season, and I'll miss Songkran 2014 (a good thing to miss, IMO), but I'll be there when a lot of Aussies and Kiwis are steeling themselves for another long, cold Winter down south. Nothing better than sitting in a BKK bar in shorts thinking about those poor bastards struggling through the wind and rain in Sydney and Melbourne, and nothing worse than coming back from that holiday, stepping out of the terminal and being abruptly reminded that Winter sucks big time.


Keep the faith.

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ok. Gobbledonk, if I understand correctly, then have fun as a pensioner, as retiree in Siam.


Back to the topic:

When Does High Season Start Now ?


My thesis:

There will be no “High Season†any more.


High Season in the meaning of the older and more experienced guys here on this board.

The very special High Season experienced guys have in their mind and remembrance, and that is:

cheap barhopping, cheap beverages, cheap barfines and cheap girls.

Girls with wonderful attitude giving celestial girl-friend-experience.

Everything was affordable for most guys of the western world; with normal income.


To put it simply: U.S. $ 100 were sufficient for:

* a hotel room - middle class

* Food and drink

* barhopping, drinking, fun with the girls in the bars and for a girl for the night.


Today you need 250 – 300 Dollar to buy the same.


To be continued

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I don't want to write a new chapter: "The good old days were much better" no, no, no.

I think that nightlife in Bangkok for most guys from America, Australia and Europe has become too expensive.

They cannot keep up with the exorbitant increase in prices.


!!! In about the last 15 years the prices for drinks, bar fines and the girls have nearly tripled !!!


1. Beverages (beer, soft drinks) from 50, 60 Baht went up to 130, 140, 150 Baht and more.


2. Bar fines from 200 – 300 Baht have been going up to 500 – 1000 Baht.


3. Girl's prices for short time from 500 Baht up to 1500, 2000 Baht and more.

Long time prices from 1000 Baht up to 2500 – 3000 Baht and more!


Sanuk has become very expensive for most western guys.

Or did your income, your earnings triple in the last 20 years?

I don't think so.

And the younger guys (let us say from 25 to 45 years) in general have a lower income than we older guys.


The cheap, affordable Sanuk is gone.

The times where you could draw on unlimited resources are gone forever, faded away.


I repeat it:

Today you need 250 – 300 Dollar to buy the same as 15 years ago.

Nowadays you must be a “two-weeks-millionare†with a with a bulging wallet.


Look at this board. In former times it was lively and busy. Today it is dead.

Western guys around the world lose interest because they can no longer come to Bkk. It has become too expensive to them.

I say it with Alvin Stardust:

Well I feel like Buddy Holly 'cos it's raining in my heart

All the sad songs take me back to you

Now that we are apart

Now I know how Paul McCartney felt when he got up to say

“I wish it was yesterdayâ€


Why? My answer: The decline of the west.

Take time and read my articles here:


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Flashermak, #26



are my texts to be understood for a native speaker?

Are my texts understandable, comprehensible?

I think the substance of my remarks about the sanuk-scene are correct – all things considered.



My opinion, my prediction:

Yes, there will be a next “High-Seasonâ€.

But ten-thousands of western sanukers, who are eager to come, must stay at home.

* The money they earn is not enough

* The prices of the sanuk-scene are much too high for them


In their place are tourists from Asia and Russia, and 'normal' tourists from the West (couples, families).



In the past 18 years we discussed several times with great passion about prices and the phenomenon of overpaying.

Now the situation has occurred, which many feared:

the price level is so high that it makes a carefree and fun-filled sanuk-holiday almost impossible; three, four weeks.



Before the Bath witnesses a second "1997", the Euro will sideslip, will weaken.

Our „friends“ in the south (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France) and their bad, their weak economies threaten to plunge us into a disaster.


Although Germany is economically developing very well at the moment: low unemployment, full order books, the export is booming (Germany is world export champion behind China!!!) etc.

There is that ugly Euro monetary crisis caused by the cheaters, scammers, swindlers, notorious debtors like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and now France.

Not to forget Ireland’s property bubble, which threatens the common European currency.




The European Union is changing from a political and economic and monetary union into a monetary TRANSFERUNION with Germany being the main paymaster.

I see a bad future for the Euro-zone.




Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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No problem understanding your English. Thailand is definitely getting more expensive. Plus much of the world is also going down the tubes at the same time.


Tells you something when most of the tourists coming here now are from ... China! :p

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In the last 15 years, if wages and prices havent at least tripled, you are very fortunate indeed. General rule of thumb in Oz is that prices double every 10 years, but I know when I compare the price of fuel, electricity and rents now there has been a massive flow on effect to every area of our lives.


I simply refuse to accept that if a girl charged 500 baht in 1998, then she should be charging 500 baht in 2013 - I dont know anywhere in the world where prices have been frozen in that fashion. Alcohol - sure - some profiteering, but if you want cheap alcohol you need to get out of Bangkok. I dont go into the go-gos and I can usually find a Happy Hour somewhere.


My advice is to check out Pnomh Penh - you will be able to have a big night out for 100USD, but be prepared to pay more for accommodation. My budget in 'two-week millionaire' mode in Pattaya is 6K baht a day, but I can do it for considerably less if I need to, and I don't have as many hands thrust out for money as I did in Cambo.

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No problem understanding your English. Thailand is definitely getting more expensive. Plus much of the world is also going down the tubes at the same time.


Tells you something when most of the tourists coming here now are from ... China! :p


and India, according to you-know-who. Personally, I prefer the Chinese, but most Indians I've encountered havent been confrontational types - swings and roundabouts, I guess.

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