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  1. She thinks she has overcome the Corona disease. She sends me this picture as proof. She says she has hardly any pain, fever, cough or other symptoms of illness. Now she just has to endure a few more days in the quarantine ward and then she will be released. I am also very happy that she has overcome the disease. But where and on what occasion did she catch it? She spent many months in her hometown, a small provincial town about 70 km west of Udon Thani. There she started a love affair with a married Thai man, father of two small children. He, however, separated from her and returne
  2. Back to the corona sick girl. She tells me that she had the usual symptoms of a cold for about four to five days: fever, aching limbs and an unpleasant dry cough; long-lasting painful coughing fits. Since today, the fever has gone down, as have the coughing fits. The body aches are still there, but are becoming more bearable. In other words, she has obviously overcome the illness. She is on the road to recovery. However, she has to stay in the quarantine ward for a total of 14 days. Only then will she be released. She sent me this picture. It shows her lying in a hospital bed, with
  3. We are still in a current of freezing cold polar air. In the evening after sunset the temperature in the Hamburg area drops to 3° degrees. During the day the in-flowing cold air is "warmed up" to about 9° degrees by the already high position of the sun 5555, 9° degrees. Fantastically warm. When I went shopping earlier, I bought the first ice cream of this young season: "Cremissimo Stracciatella". Wonderfully creamy, interspersed and sprinkled with little pieces of chocolate. Guys, a real treat. Just now, in the evening, after the 8 o'clock TV news "Tagesschau", I ate the whole ice
  4. When the low season gradually started after March 2016, she went back to her town. There she fell in love with a married Thai man who already had two or three children. The end of the story: today she has a sweet four-year-old daughter. When she told me about the affair with the married Thai man and its consequences, I was disappointed and horrified, but at the same time I was happy for her. Last October, November, she got involved again with a married Thai man from her town. He had promised to leave his wife and come to her. He did not keep his promise. He stayed with his wife and chil
  5. Now it has happened. A Pattaya girl I have known since March 2016 has contracted Corona and is in the hospital of her hometown in the quarantine ward. I reported about this girl on German and English language boards in March 2016. I wrote enthusiastically about this girl; corresponding to my memory: I kept coming back to this bar because of one particular girl. She was young, incredibly beautiful, radiantly gorgeous, 19 or just 20 years old. Charming, smiling, friendly girl, always in a good mood, turning to me in a friendly way. Every Baht spent on this lady was well invested. I
  6. That is exactly what I am trying to say in my text. The constant backward shifts. After the third corona wave comes the fourth, and so on. This is followed by the third and the fourth lockdown. The mortality rate is ridiculously low compared to previous pandemics. It is about 0.15 per cent. The vast majority of those who die belong to an age group that has already reached or significantly exceeded its statistical life expectancy. Politicians must finally reflect on what they are doing. Continue to run down the national economies, destroy millions of livelihoods, create millions
  7. 15 April 2021 around 6 a.m. in the Hamburg area. Early in the morning I look out of the window and I get a shock. I see hoarfrost on the roofs of the surrounding houses. The roofs are white with a layer of ice. And the windows of the cars are frozen with thick ice. The drivers have to scrape away the ice so that they can see through the window. We had -2 degrees night frost again. That's much too cold for mid-April. Spring when are you coming?
  8. Just keywords: The political leaders are in a dilemma, a quandary. Whatever they decide is wrong. They want to avoid the horror news and misery pictures of overburdened hospitals. That is the reason for the ongoing lockdown measures. At the same time, they lose sight of the proportionality of their measures. I'll point out: our national economy is being run into a brick wall to avoid horror pictures, gruesome news and perhaps 125,000 Corona deaths. In Germany - not only due to the lockdown measures - economic output is falling, unemployment is rising and wages and salaries as well as
  9. Some thoughts about the Corona situation. We - humanity worldwide - will have to live with the Corona virus for a long time. It could even happen that the coming holiday season for Thailand from October 2021 until the end of March 2022 will also fall victim to the virus. It is likely that the vaccines offer only limited protection; they seem to be almost ineffective against mutations of the Covid-19 virus in particular. Even doctors and virologists don't know anything for sure. However, the danger of this virus strain and its mutations is grossly overestimated! In historical t
  10. BB Verschwinde aus meinen Themenbereichen! Hau ab! Verpiss dich!
  11. I can't stand it any more! I am slowly but surely going crazy. For the last 10 days or so, Central Europe has been experiencing freezing cold weather. A recurring combination of high and low pressure areas brings cold polar air to Germany. Here in the Hamburg area it's temperatures around zero degrees at night, and during the day the thermometer barely rises above 9 degrees. That is much too cold for mid-April. The weather forecast predicts snowfalls and snow showers for the northwest and west of Germany in the next two to three days. What is this? That doesn't make any sense! Where a
  12. For a week now, the calendar spring has reigned in Central Europe and thus in Germany. It is 4 o'clock in the afternoon - Saturday 27.3.2021 - and I am looking out of the window. A shower of hail and sleet pours over the Hamburg region and for a few moments everything turns white: roofs, streets and paths, yards and gardens. Parked cars turn into poorly built snowmen in a few minutes. Passers-by stretch out their umbrellas to protect themselves against the snow and hail, but the gusty wind blows the umbrellas out of their hands and bends them over. I watch the scenery and I catch myself feel
  13. Thank you, Coss, for the compliment, "very Ernest Hemingway" 5555 But the female members of my family object to such a look! They are outraged, they scold and there is thunder. Long hair and a beard have to be looked after. Grooming can be very elaborate and can be very time-consuming. I prefer it short.
  14. "Hairdresser, barber!" scream my hairs! "We have not been cut for almost seven months. We want a haircut, and we want it now!" And my month-old beard is also calling out: "I want to be shaved off." And my head is shouting in desperation: "Charly, you look just horrible with this long hair and wild beard. Off to the barber! That's an order." That was 6 weeks ago in February when we had frost, ice and snow. I had a bad fall at the pond of the river Este. I wanted to take photos of the frozen pond and the wild birds such as ducks, pigeons, seagulls, etc.
  15. But now to Soi 4 , Nana.It is a disaster. It's catastrophe, a tragedy. My heart is sick. My beloved Soi 4, my most beloved Nana Plaza. The pubs are closed, restaurants are closed - among them is the "Heidelberg", here you can get the best German home cooking. You hardly see any people in this video. There are hardly any tourists; you can count them on the fingers of one hand. The question is whether the bars, the pubs and restaurants and also the hotels will open up again in the post-Corona period and recover and be able to return to their old turnovers? I don't see any p
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