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  1. My health has been very bad for a good two weeks. My heart and circulation are going crazy. The blood pressure rises to over 200; to 220 and 233 even. Today I am experiencing a completely normal summer day. There are no special features and no excitement. It is a wonderful summer evening, the heart starts pumping wildly as if out of the blue. The blood pressure rises to 200. What is this? I am a notorious hypertensive all my life; an inheritance from the two families I come from. The many medical examinations I have undergone in the last few weeks have yielded no results. I a
  2. Nach einer saft- und kraftlosen Niederlage (0:1 gegen Frankreich), einem großartigen Sieg gegen Portugal (4:2), einem blamablen Unentschieden gegen Ungarn ist die deutsche Mannschaft gegen mittelmäßige Engländer ausgeschieden. Die einstmals erfolgreiche und gefürchtete deutsche Nationalmannschaft ist international als "die Mannschaft" endgültig in der Zweitklassigkeit angekommen. Das ist das schonungslose Ergebnis der letzten zwei großen Turniere. 2018 in Rußland das Ausscheiden bereits in der Vorrunde und nun die krachende Niederlage gegen brav und bieder spielende Engländer. After
  3. I do it in Deutsch and in English Ich gratuliere dem englischen Team zu diesem deutlichen Sieg über eine ideenlos spielende deutsche Mannschaft. Der Bann ist gebrochen. Seit dem letzten Sieg gegen Deutschland 1966 hat es in wichtigen Spielen nur Niederlagen gegeben. Nach 55 Jahren erlöst dieser Sieg über Deutschland eine ganze Nation. Ich gratuliere noch einmal recht herzlich und wünsche dem englischen Team viel Erfolg für die weiteren Spiele. I congratulate the English team on this clear victory over a German team that played without ideas. The spell has been broken. Since the l
  4. One more addendum. A ridiculous misjudgement!!!!!!!! World Cup 2010, Round of 16: Germany's 4:1 almost became a minor matter as the referee makes one of the most massive misjudgements in recent World Cup history - take a look for yourself (yes, this goal was indeed not given). My opinion: It was a just compensation for the Wembley goal in 1966. The referee must have had this "goal" in his memory and thought that there should not be a second goal of this kind against Germany. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5QlBHF6ib8
  5. A few reflections, a few memories and reflections on the games between England and Deutschland. Deutschland will meet England in the European Championship round of 16. In the overall balance (36 matches), England is currently ahead with one win. But what is a record compared to all the stories this duel has to offer? And there will be new stories, nice ones and not so pretty ones. Maybe already on coming Tuesday 27. June 2021. Excitingly, among other things, while Deutschland is England's footballing "nemesis", the reverse is not true; a case of "unrequited hatred", so to speak, whi
  6. Italy - Österreich Round of 16 A great, rousing game. The Italians dominated the first half. They created a number of scoring opportunities against bravely defending and sacrificially fighting Austrians. The first half was about 60 : 40 in favour of the Italians. The Austrians were much better in the second half. They continued to be strong in the duels, they put up their fighting spirit against the technically superior play of the Italians. Thus, the Austrians created and "earned" a few very good scoring opportunities. One headed goal was only just offside. It is almost impo
  7. I haven't been in touch for a long time. In the meantime, the sun has reached its northern tropic and is now on its way towards the equator again. We now have high summer and the most beautiful and brightest time in Germany. The European Football Championship has started and we are already in the round of 16. As an old white man, I have a lot of time and watch every game on TV. Here are a few short match reports from tonight 26 June 2021 - two round of 16 matches. Denmark Wales Round of 16 4 : 0 if I remember correctly. The Welsh were overtaxed in terms of playing techn
  8. และนี่คือฤดูร้อน ครั้งแรกในชีวิต Und es ist Sommer, das erste mal im Leben --- And it's summer, the first time in life as the German-Romanian (a Transylvanian Saxon) Peter Maffay once sang over 40 years ago. A hit, an evergreen, to this day. What is this song about? It's about fucking, simple as that. Es war ein schöner Tag Der letzte im August Die Sonne brannte so Als hätte sie's gewusst Die Luft war flirrend heiß It was a beautiful day The last in August The sun was so hot As if it knew The air was shimmering hot So far, so good. Then what happens?
  9. Wir haben Sommer in Deutschland We have summer in Germany หน้าร้อนที่เยอรมัน My flowering rhododendron - a true splendour of blossoms Early June 2021 - summer is finally here - the prolonged cold spell until the end of May is over. The English high-pressure area, which brought us warmth and sunshine for about a week, has long since departed. Now the lows from the North Atlantic are back, bringing rain, thunderstorms and temperatures between 15 and 19 degrees here in Düsseldorf One is modest. But now we have the brightest and lamest days of the year. The sun is appr
  10. Human life is full of waiting: We wait on different levels, in different forms, with different kinds of consequences and burdens. Every one of us knows waiting, which is why it can be said succinctly: Waiting is an everyday experience and waiting is one of the most elementary and most frequent mental experiences. And waiting is also a complex event that is influenced by many cultures. * The landlords of Pattaya are desperately waiting for guests; guests with a bulging travel fund, thirsty and eager to drink, spendy like a Saudi oil prince, buying lots of ladydrinks and horny like the n
  11. Aa view of the sea of blossoms in May We have been putting up nesting boxes for many years. Every year in spring, from the end of March / April, they are occupied by pairs of titmice. Here is a nest box hanging in a cherry laurel tree. This wooden nest box is occupied for the first time. I think a pair of siskins or a wren is nesting inside. For the last two years I have been desperately walking around my garden in April with this nest box, holding it high in the air with my left arm, waving it around and shouting: "Dear robins, siskins, wrens for this nest
  12. Whitsun 22 May to 24 May 2021 - a disaster weather-wise. Last night, Saturday 22 May, the "Tagesschau" (TV news at 8 p.m.) on German TV reported on relaxations in the Corona pandemic. Innkeepers are allowed to open again at Whitsun. A short report was shown about the outdoor gastronomy at the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken in Hamburg. Here in Hamburg harbour yesterday there was a strong and very cold wind and at best 11 degrees - and that on 22 May! It is terrible! People wear winter clothes because of the cold and the wind! These are pictures from the "Tagesschau" of 22 May.
  13. From my trip to the Hamburg cruise terminal and my memories and comments on a series of old hits and pop songs back to my Düsseldorf garden and the little happiness it offers. This spring of 2021 is far too cold. Now in May, temperatures barely exceed 13, 14 degrees, at night between 6 and 8. With temperatures like these, there is hardly any spring fever. The fruit tree blossom is also two to three weeks later this year than the long-term average. Here a flowering apple tree Hopefully there will be some thick juicy apples in autumn My spring flowers have all bl
  14. Back to my musician. In the meantime, while my thoughts have been wandering a bit, my musician is now playing and singing Hamburg songs, songs that sing and praise the city of Hamburg, its harbour, the Reeperbahn and St. Pauli, the Michel - this beautiful baroque church that stands on a hill high above the port and guards and protects it. Many songs are among them that were composed especially for a movie and are known and loved throughout the German-speaking world. Most of the Hamburg, St. Pauli, harbour and sailor songs were written from the early 1920s to the end of the 1960s.
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