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Straps Etc.at Nana Plaza

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There was one bar I noticed this time, I'm pretty sure it was not there last time I visited in 2008. It's located just to the left of Rainbow 3 upstairs. Now I spotted one or 2 there who looked like they could have been ladyboys and then of course you are wondering about the rest. Where the ladyboy bars in the rest of the Plaza are pretty obvious, since the ladyboys are often really tall and easy to distinguish, this place only had smaller girls/boys, so I couldn't be sure if it was a mix or if it was all LB.


I don't get the point of the mixed bars, I mean, it seems like not too many straight guys after girls are going to be into the sorting out process you would have to do in a mixed LB and girl bar.


How many LB bars is it in Nana these days? And how many are mixed? It seems as if it's gone up yet again. At top of the escalator, there are 3 bars right there (Mercury and the 2 Mandarins) and then the next one seems mixed, the one after that is LB, and then Rainbow 4, with another LB bar behind that one at the back, then another one after turning left. (correct me if any of this is wrong). On the ground floor there is the one next to Rainbow 2 in the back corner, I'm not sure if that one is mixed or all LB.


I'll tell you, at closing time when the place is emptying out once and for all, it's just wall to wall ladyboys now. Overwhelming. This was a big change from a few years ago when 2am closing time was a pretty good time for a quick late pickup, either at the Nana car park or else nearby. Not any more. It;s ladyboy city there round that time.

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