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  1. To my eye, a few of these freelancers look to be ladyboys. Just some. Actually that's what I remember from the supposed glory days of the car park, whenever you spotted a girl that looked more eye catching than the rest, usually it turned out on closer inspection to not be a girl. Overall, this lineup does look weak compared to when I used to go, also in early 00s. Even then there were plenty of nights I opted to return to my hotel alone rather than settle for the ones I saw. But once in a while, did find a good one. My biggest period was when the Nana disco was still open, when it was an all
  2. I don't remember this episode of Star Trek
  3. If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret. ;-) Reminds me of something a few years ago. Me and a buddy were in San Francisco looking for a new apartment to share. One evening we were shown this one flat, it was huge, 2 bedroom, just $1000 a month, in the Mission The walls had that fake wood panelling. As we walked around, I noticed the floor had a bit of give, it felt bouncy. And there was a small gap in the wall, and I looked closely and saw that there was nothing behind it, just black. There wasn't a wall there. My buddy was all over it, couldn't believe what a great deal it was. I went bac
  4. About half the American male population would have all this. ;-)
  5. Taken with Liam Neeson? There's a few listed with that title. I didn't see any of them. Never heard this German in America story. But this seems to go beyond mere human trafficking. The far more common form of that is where a girl gets sold into a 'contract' maybe by her family, maybe she takes out a loan and commits to the contract, there's lots of ways. Getting kidnapped like this is and then sold to a buyer in another country is extreme, even in third world countries. And becoming not just an indentured servant, which is more like what most trafficked hookers are, but an actual slave w
  6. So is this for real? I mean, is this a regular thing that happens? Anyone ever heard anything about this kind of thing going on as a regular practice ? For one there's this Middle East angle, easy to imagine rich oil guys going to these extremes. (Or is it my imagination going a bit wild?) Then there's this part about there being 'dark web' online auctions where sex slaves must be regularly sold.
  7. British model kidnapped in Milan, Italy, to be 'auctioned', police allege Rome: A Polish man has been arrested in the Italian city of Milan over the alleged kidnapping of a British model who was held captive for six days. The police say the man, Lukasz Pawel Herba, 30, a Polish citizen who lives in the UK, was charged with kidnapping for extortion purposes. Milan daily newspaper Corriere della Sera reports the 20-year-old model who has not been named was lured to a fake photo shoot on July 11. Based on court documents, the newspaper says she was then drugged, handcuffed and put into a s
  8. Yeah there was a glaring example of it on my last long flight last year (between Shanghai and NYC), and I think if I spotted it again -- I mean it was way beyond control -- a married couple just so overloaded with bags boarding the flight it was ridiculous -- I'd loudly make a point of asking staff to deal with them. And maybe confront them myself. Not that it matters, but it was a white western couple. I don't care what the nationality or race (or gender) is, being a dick is being a dick.
  9. I once attended a book reading of future senator AL Franken reading from his new book "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot" -- on Market Street in SF.
  10. I'm surprised there's nothing about that other airliner video, of the woman getting booted off a flight for having a stroller on board. In that one, the airline staff guy was out of control. It was a heated situation on both sides. https://www.youtube....h?v=MJWcLxfphqs It's not on the video. If the guy deliberately hit the lady, or was so mad that he grabbed the stroller and bashed her by accident because he wasn't careful (because he was angry) then of course that's his fault. But I have been on flights too where I've been walking really slowly down the walkway into the plane
  11. My understanding (and experience) is that when you get bumped off a flight, they get you onto the next available flight, which is probably going to be an hour or a few hours later. I'm always happy to go sit at another gate for 2 hours for $800, and I don't really get why someone would risk a showdown with burly Chicago cops over this. I'm not saying the guy was wrong, but I don't get why he chose to escalate it like this. I remember when I was checking in on a flight in St. Louis once, they asked me at the desk if I'd be willing to get bumped for a certain price. They probably should
  12. Here we go. Another internet dress controversy.
  13. In 2008, one of the higher profile Virginia guys (Kaine? Warner?) decided not to run cuz he figured Hillary had the inside track, had stacked the deck in her favor with endorsements and whatever, would be invincible. Regardless, they did start with a field of nominees, including John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd. The more I saw of them, the more Obama looked like the winner in the bunch. I began that one supporting her, but got to see a debate when it was just her and Obama left, and that changed my mind. He was clearly the guy, in my view at least. I saw hi
  14. Republicans would have had a field day ripping him to shreds. Old. Jewish. Socialist. Easy to envision how that would have gone. Honestly, I'd have been very happy to see him catch fire (more than he did) and win. I'd love to see a Jewish president. Old? Ehhhh.... not so much. (trying to do my Larry David impression here). Like, was Sanders gonna raise that black vote? Don't think so. He'd have appealed more to white progressives maybe. There was a moment in the debates that summed up my problem with Hillary. She was about to go off on some serious topic, and for some reason she started b
  15. About how many girls total were there at Nataree? I assume the place is history now, right? This makes me wonder if they got busted because someone wanted an example made to be shown for the specific violation being mentioned here, in other words to warn the rest of the industry to clean up, in this regard at least.
  16. So many movable parts to elections as big as this, you can never pin it down to one thing only. When it comes to lesser evils, I always have to vote Democratic, almost regardless who's standng up there. Fortunately we've never stood anyone there who'd give me serious pause (as I surely would have if we'd had the blue equivalent of Donald as our candidate). But she was pretty much the opposite of charismatic. I haven't felt as frustrated with the wooden-ness of our candidate since the days of Mondale and Dukakis. She got big leads in polls, but mainly when Donald was self-destructing, or after
  17. "Democrats" of those times (1824, 1876, 1880) were a vastly different group of people ideologically from the party of today. Opposite practically. Likewise Republicans. The Confederacy states were all strongly Democrat, and those happen to be the states that are most strongly Republican nowadays. I vote Democrat these days, but I don't consider the Democratic party of old times to be my party. FDR to me seems to be the start of what I consider my Democratic party.
  18. The Criminal Court on Wednesday handed down prison terms of up to 13 years to operators of the Nataree massage parlour in Bangkok for illegally procuring young and migrant prostitutes last year. The five defendants were sentenced for involvement in the operation of the massage parlour on Ratchadaphisek Road where migrant girls aged under 18 were found working in June last year. Prosecutors told the court the Nataree parlour employed eight foreign girls older than 15 years but younger than 18 for purposes of prostitution from April 10 to June 7 last year. Defendants were found
  19. There are many who will read here who are considering visiting Thailand in the near future, want to get a sense of whether or not they will be able to do there what they came to do. I'm not Thai and I don't live in Thailand, and if I do visit Thailand soon, it would not be to visit tourist sites. So there really isn't any other way to find out than to see what people who are there are seeing on the ground. I hear what you are saying, from their point of view, our talk about this would be hard to understand or accept. But this is an English language site visited exclusively by foreign
  20. In that case I'm sure she had a happy ending.
  21. Who's Yoy? She's not in this poll.
  22. These photos, I believe, are from issues of the magazines from its whole time of circulation, so going back to 2005 or so. So some of these pictures may be that old. I wouldn't go out looking for these girls, if they are still there they're likely to be mamasans by now. It's possible some of the pics are recent though. I have no idea. Man, in the past in this forum, surveys like this prompted discussion of our various tastes in girls. This time, just one comment (other than mine) about "bogger than overage tits" and that's it. Bummer.
  23. Well, it seems as if everyone who was going to vote has voted. To me it looks like a clear victory for Vun. (Mind you, I think this photo is a bit dated and Vun is 47 now. ) Vun does seem to be the closest to standard beauty in this lineup. Not too skinny, a bit curvy but not heavy at all, pretty face, definitely a femme fatale look to her, actual boobs. It looks like she has a pretty hard body, always a plus. If I had to pick one, it would be Nana Girl #3 though. On my first view I thought she was actually Vun, mainly due to the Angel Witch getup (right?) but then when I got a c
  24. Refer to this page to see all the girls. http://www.afterdark...om/Home/Gallery I did a 2nd question to get the last few girls, there were too many for our polling setup (max 20).
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