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Copy Photos From Phone To Pc

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I have some photos on my little Nokia Asha phone that I want to copy to my PC. I googled and got told to go to Nokia's site and download their software. I did that, and to my everlasting delight I discovered that Nokia Suite copied ALL THE PHOTOS ALREADY ON MY PC onto my PC all over again! :banghead:


I resisted the temptation to shout profanity at the top of my lungs and searched again. I got told nothing more than I already had been.


So how do I transfer photos from this effing piece of shite to my PC anyway? :(

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Thanks, but ... 1) that doesn't look anything like a Nokia Asha and 2) none of those options appear on my phone. I've fiddled with it by guess work, and now it says it has found 174 photos on my phone. However, it hasn't transferred a single one ... and I don't see any way to view them and drag them over one by one.


I still bang head on wall. :(

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Great. The board wouldn't let me write in the above "message". I'm not paranoid. They really are out to get me! :(


Anyway, I finally got it to import the pics, did it at one go ... no dragging them one by one.


Now the problem is to get them to show up without clicking on them one at a time. What have the Finns got against me? the Russians invaded them twice in the last century - not the Yanks! :(



But anyway, some parts of Bangkok haven't changed that much over the years.





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You mean the crapping dog! :shocked:


Not sure what problem you encountered. The phones I have used show up as Mass Storage when plugged into the USB port of the PC. Although there can be a delay of a couple of minutes. Which Asha model do you have?

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