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  1. What interests does your daughter have? Cooking class, dance class, flight school, Muay Thai, language class, etc.
  2. baa99

    Just plain sad...

    I thought it was an Alien probe!
  3. baa99

    Just plain sad...

    I blame the trilateral commission and Bill Gates.
  4. Nana remained a shopping center. Only the merchandise changed.
  5. Your condo doesn't have internet? No ethernet plug or WiFi? If the TV is smart, under settings there should be an option for setting up a WiFi connection. The TV may also have an ethernet port. You can get a ROKU streamer device that plugs into the TV, if the TV doesn't have internet connection options. Google ROKU to see all the streaming options.
  6. I thought there is a billion $ cancellation fee Musk now owes Twitter. Maybe that is what Twitter is going to court to enforce.
  7. No pole twerking on the BTS.
  8. Get rid of the fingerprint scanners! All that does is slow down processing the queue.
  9. ... but there was an 8 track portable player!
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