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  1. Another island is opening up on July 1st, Iceland! If you are vaccinated, then no tests! You can stay at any hotel and go have a drink in the bars. Plenty of people want to go to Iceland and see the erupting volcano.
  2. baa99

    Opening in 120 Days

    It's all about opening for high season.
  3. baa99

    Opening in 120 Days

    https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/thailand-fully-reopen-visitors-within-120-days-pm-2021-06-16/ Thailand will fully reopen to visitors within 120 days after more than a year of coronavirus travel restrictions, a calculated risk required to support the economy, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Wednesday. Thailand was ahead of target in securing 105.5 million doses of coronavirus vaccine for this year, and would seek more supplies next year, Prayuth said, according to a transcript of a recorded televised speech provided by his office.
  4. With all these ever changing restrictions, Thailand would be lucky to get 100K tourists. I heard (on YT) from a tourist guide that initially almost 30K applied for the Phuket sandbox. Then the news that the 7 day restriction was to go to 14 days and the closing of bars, about half cancelled. It is pretty much guaranteed there will be some COVID positive tests from tourists. Will Phuket go into full lock down? That would be some vacation.
  5. Some people do suffer side effects such as headache, fever, aches, and tiredness. These effects last only 2 or 3 days. I got the J&J jab. I was slightly tired for a couple of days. My brother was the same (in terms of side effects) with the Moderna jab. My sister was pretty much knocked out for a couple of days (Moderna jab).
  6. baa99


    How many white anglo-saxons have played Othello?
  7. The only way to hit 3 million tourists is to end all this red tape to enter Thailand. A sandbox is for a cat to do its business and not a way to attract tourists. They have to throw open the doors to have a high season.
  8. baa99


    ... and in Shakespearean times men played the women roles! Seems you should have got out of little britain centuries earlier.
  9. China was selling Covid tests that were only 10% accurate. Many people have little confidence in Chinese quality control. Is China monitoring adverse vaccine reactions? Would China hide that info? I always remember the Chinese infant formula that poisoned thousands of babies.
  10. baa99

    The Covid-19 thread

    What about Southern Comfort?
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