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Windows 7 Will Not Update

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I probably posted about this before. And I have searched a lot. At home I upgraded to Win 10 and really like it. I'm in Pattaya right now and don't want to take a chance on the installation going wrong - this T61 runs W7 beautifully and is all set up. Also don't have as much speed to do the download and I have to pay for data.


Problem is it doesn't download updates. I have 34 "important" updates listed in the Windows Update box, but it won't download them. For some reason though, when I went to shut down yesterday I saw that the Shutdown button had the message "Shut down and install updates." It installed one W7 Security Update. Huh!? What!? Why? That happened on another laptop at home. What is going on?


And yes, Mr. Let-me-google-that-for-you, I have googled it. If your secretary can google it better, I welcome her input.


I even took one T61 to my local tech shop at home and the techie couldn't do anything and didn't seem to have heard about the problem. I know this guy and he knows everything.


It's strange because I've had the problem on a bunch of laptops - maybe four of them.


Anyone else encounter such?


Thank you..

Gaw Guy

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Occasionally I've seen Windows update sequences that wanted/needed to reboot/install the first few updates before continuing to download updates.


If you haven't already, restart it and try again to download.


If that doesn't work, the next step is to USE A DIFFERENT MACHINE to download current versions of antimalware stuff, then reboot your main machine into Safe Mode and let the antimalware software take a long, hard look at things. Some of the nasties out there block Windows updates.

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As I have said, suddenly for no apparent reason, the thing that you just couldn't make happen, happens. I have been trying to download updates for a week. The download progress indicator just goes back and forth for hours while I do other things. When I check it, "Downloading updates 0% complete."


A few days ago I shutdown the system and got the message, "Updates are being installed." When I turned it on again and checked it had installed one update out of 34 that had been listed as "Important updates in the dialogue box."


Since then I have tried the "Check for Updates" many times and got the same result as always, "Downloading updates 0% complete."


Just a little while ago I went looked at the computer and it had the big box displaying, "Updates are ready to be installed. The system will be restarted in 15 minutes?" What? Really? So I restarted it and then checked Update History. About 30 updates had been installed. Huh? What? How?!!


If some expert or Specialist can explain this to me I would be most appreciative.




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