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I can't get my Facebook to open for me!

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I'm just back from the US, where I was using my iPhone on my sister's wifi. Now whenever I try to open my FB here in Bangkok, I get a message saying it is "currrently unavailable. Regain access by logging in from a mobile or a web broswer."

Well, I've tried that ain't it don't work nohow. What effing Facenook has done is log me into to an old account that I haven't used in years. I'm trying to log in to the current account I've been using for some time now. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get FB to acknowledge it. I can't even get out of the old account. So what do I need to do fix the @#$%& thing?  :angryfire:  :banghead:


p.s. I use FB mainly to keep in touch with my family.

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