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  1. Where is Samitevet Hospital? Near a BTS or Subway?
  2. Getting the bum's rush isn't what I had in mind here. Would the treatment be better at Bumrungrad? I would expect to pay more but maybe its worth it in some cases. I'm looking to have some spider web veins lasered from my legs. Not sure how much care I need for that.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I've noticed that Yahnee posts prices for various procedures. Are those farang prices? I would assume so, since they're on the English web page.
  4. Hey guys, After 50, the old mirror isn't as friendly as it used to be. Considering some work. Eyelids, facelift maybe.... lipo. I've been to Bumrungrad for minor stuff and they seem fine. Question is anyone had any work done at Yahnee? What are your experiences? Please give prices, too, if possible.
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