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  1. Can anyone recommend a hotel that has a full size, as in height mirror? I have stayed in Ibis Nana which has one and am looking for alternatives. Not looking for ST rooms covered in mirrors, a decent(ish) hotel with a large wall mirror reaching down to the floor only. Thanks
  2. Ms. Chuchai, is considered guilty of “wandering and mingling in a prostitution center.†On those grounds they could arrest anyone who sets foot in Pattaya.
  3. So that the next guy that is renting it can take it out.
  4. I used to post under the name "The Mayor of Pattaya" at nanaPlaza.com before the change over of the board.

  5. If you look at posts #2 #3 #6 #8 and #10 you'll see that I have made the most contributions and besides Hugh_Hoy, nobody else has made any! And here's another contribution. Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit charges a joiner fee. Best Western Hiptique is guest friendly with no joiner fees. Citadines hotels also GF and no joiner fees.
  6. If there's so many to choose from how come we can't get an updated list instead of relying on a sticky that's 10 years old already?
  7. Found this website that lists joiner fee and no joiner fee hotels but suspect it is out of date. http://joinerfeesinbangkok.blogspot.com/ Ambassador has tried to charge me a joiner fee in the past. They mention Citin Pratunam as recommended with no joiner fee and then further down the list state it is 400 Baht? Also read on another site that the 2 Adelphis I posted before charge a joiner fee. This website seems to contradict that info about the Adelphis. http://www.bargirlfriendlyhotels.com/bangkok-girl-friendly-hotels/ Although it states no JF for Tai Pan and I recieved an em
  8. PP

    Regency Park Hotel

    Does it have a car park?
  9. Is it getting a bit run down or have they done some renovations? What about wifi? free? paid? Still no joiner fees?
  10. Good idea to asterix the Joiner Fee hotels,so they can be avoided, it's like paying a double bar fine!! But does the JF only apply to overnight guests? What about some afternoon delight? Based on a trawl of some of the other threads the following hotels not listed above are also Guest Friendly. Citrus on Soi 22 Regency Park Soi 22 S Sukhumvit Suites Adelphi Suites Adelphi Grand Ambassador and Tai Pan charge a Joiner Fee.
  11. PP

    Ramanda Encore

    Was it Guest Friendly?
  12. Add Omni Tower on Soi Nana to the list
  13. Does Singapore have websites for local brothels and girls in the same vein as the Hong Kong ones? I'm thinking something like the HK sex161 website? TIA
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