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  1. To avoid the exchange of bodily fluids which can contain various STD's, the safest thing to do before performing oral is to tie a plastic bag over your head.
  2. I am a big fan of Ridley Scott as well. I love the cinematography in his movies like Blade Runner, Black Rain, and Gladiator. He is great at creating a certain mood with his camera shots. As for recent movies I watched and enjoyed: "The Hangover", very funny. The photos during the ending credits had me in tears laughing. "Gran Torino". Great movie. Add "Get off my lawn" to the list of classic Clint Eastwood movie lines.
  3. 51/8197 vs. 77/8198 doesn't seem significantly different given all the other uncontrolled variables in such an experiment.
  4. Here is what I tell my newbie friends... First off, don't stare at or smile at a girl that you don't want to come sit with you. Second don't tell anyone it is your first trip to Thailand and you just arrived. If a girl you are not interested in asks to sit with you, just smile and say "no thanks". If she sits down without being invited, then politely ignore her. Even if she is hanging on you, don't give her any encouragement. If she asks the inevitable questions (what you name, where you come from, how many time you come Thailand) then just answer politely without asking any questions
  5. When I take my friends to Thailand for the first time I just tell them they need to realize there are pros and cons. All the girls are pros, and all the guys are cons. Actually, Thailand is not that bad. You have some polite Thai trying to trick you out of a few bucks if you're dumb enough to fall for his scam. Now imagine a wealthy tourist walking through the poorest neighborhood of some Western city.
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