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  1. NYT had a good piece on the Armstrong report My link OT the piece that leaves me sad Steve is the news of Jim McMahons early dementia link
  2. Yep. Basically almost every team member he rode with testified against him and indicated that he ran the program. And some testimony that he pressured others to 'partake,' including telling them they'd be removed from the team if they didn't. For him to be innocent would translate to a massive conspiracy that doesn't make any sense.
  3. I googled it after reading your initial reaction (never heard about the controversy prior), of course a couple sites popped right up and I assumed you did the same. Logic error. Thanks for the thoughtful post. I forwarded one of the less dramatic sites to my acquaintances get reaction (and out of curiosity), these are good people. So far mixed reaction, skepticism but also conversation and a little hmmmmm, needs further investigation type sentiment. My personal reaction was the same btw. Though a little more disposed to thinking about it after your second post.
  4. There need to be safety nets (no pun intended) in place, and both reasonable practices and regulation in reference to animal populations and our culinary desires vs needs. No fucking doubt. But Jesus H. Christ, I hope this isn't another victory for the PC Brigade. Did you or your family eat Tuna while you were growing up? Well then, you must've supported the barbaric widespread slaughter of millions of dolphins each year. Because dolphins swim with Tuna and were caught with them in the nets at sometimes ridiculous levels (and they weren't even stripped of anything for food, just outrig
  5. Not Western I know (sorry!), but worth noting. If you like shark fin soup you don't have to traipse over to Chinatown to get it anymore: link
  6. Have you gone to see the Muay Thai in Bangkok, I was a little dismayed at the OVERT double pricing at Lumphini, my understanding it that it's actually a lot better at Channel 7 stadium close to Chatuchak. Next time. They show several fights that progress in weight class, with the HEAVIEST weight class being something like 65kg. WTF! Damn, you want to feel insecure about your size - how about calling 65kg the heaviest weight class. But the atmosphere and the energy at the fights is amazing. And the fighters themselves are preternatural athletic monsters. I bow in deference. Can't wai
  7. True dat. Just my personal take. Call me an atheist who is sympathetic to religion, or rather peoples need/desire to find some sort of higher meaning in life. You don't need religion for that, I know. But despite all the shit and horrible things twisted up with religion, there are good things, and it has been a vehicle to bond communities with some sort of higher purpose (or the opposite - as Dawkins will point out, and this is true too). I would never turn to Islam or Christianity, but I think it's also important not to see them solely as caricatures (not talking about the youtube
  8. I had to fill out some sort of psych questionnaire at work last month (everyone did - some stupid exercise with outside consultants), and one of the questions was to name popular public figures that had and influence on me - without thinking about it I put down Bukowski, Richard Dawkins, with Ken Kesey in third (I only know 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest' - but it was literally the first real novel I ever read, stole it from my parent's shelf when I was in grade school - it was a forbidden fruit - and it definitely had an impact on me). Dawkins I've always had mixed feelings over. I l
  9. There was an interesting piece re: Nana on the Drummond website, though it left me mostly confused Too bad, I kinda like Nana. Don't want to go there too often, but it's good to know it's out there, lurking, when you need to people watch and indulge with the lasses. link "The President of the Bangkok Chapter of the Outlaws motor cycle club has taken over a large slice of Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok – Bangkok’s primary sex entertainment area catering to foreigners. Now, as if marking his turf, many of the bars have stickers outside denoting they are the property of
  10. ummm, off topic - we need some good brownfox bar reviews dear sir. preferably before i touch down in november, so lets get crackin, chop chop!!!
  11. beautiful thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ9h2njc0O8&feature=related
  12. I like the Dubliner the handful of time I've been there, especially on Sunday just waking up (noon). You seem to have a fondness for pubs, would be curious to get your recommendations on good pubs in BKK - not bars like strikers or morning/night though certainly a time and place for them too - but good pubs. For example, wasn't aware of the "No Idea" until I read this thread, now I'll probably check it out from curiosity. In advance thanks.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U13xOvDa19U&feature=related
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