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  1. AC/DC- Victoria Apollo (I think) Highway To Hell Tour The Ramones- The Rainbow, Finsbury Park Queen- Hammersmith Odeon, early 80's The Who- Lewisham Odeon. Y&T- The Marquee
  2. Says pattaya127: What's their take on your cunnilingus skills? Your joking right? No one in their right mind would go down on a BG/FL. Would they?
  3. "spirit_of_town_hall. Identity for sale: 4000 baht" Speaking of scams, why not just copy the above identity and put "The" in front? Thus getting "the_spirit_of_town_hall" for free. ::
  4. Wow, that's an eye-opener. Jingjoh, can you elaborate a bit? In what way are they nasty and dangerous? Feel free to share all the sordid details. Ta.
  5. Says ib13: just too bad they just want 'up to you' money only! come on don't be shy just take them out & you can easily find out na khap 'Up to you' money? Mmmm, that's a bit tricky and a little silly. Someone could just kick them out in the am with 50 baht for a taxi. How much were they, 1500 all night? I'm not shy about approaching them it's just that there's a few other girls I'm seeing in LG and it could get a bit messy.
  6. [color:"black"] Have any members noticed the twins working in LongGun? Lovely faces and perfect breasts. Very hard to tell them apart. Anyone know them personally? Pray, do tell. [/color]
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