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  1. I think its a great program for sorting out the junk mails as well, I have been using it since you recommended it in a post around a year ago, I just installed the new free version of MailWasher Pro, worth to do as the email headers come up instantly as you scroll over them without having to click on them like in the old version, so you can sort through the mails you want to delete much more quicker. Also worth to note for anyone installing the new version it automatically installs your black list from the old one without you having to do anything, After installing the new version you can the
  2. I totally agree with you about that, If you are not using the months names and only the numbers it is going to get you and the people you are talking to very confused, It is difficult to explain as the Thai's use the Gregorian calendar months as well as lunar months, and Chinese and Muslim calendar months as well just to make it really confusing, Depending on the area you are living, if the phases of the moon are used then the months are out of sink, The whole thing gets right of track if you just use numbers as in many cases you will be a few months out to the actual month you mea
  3. BB was fishing and caught him hook,line and sinker ::
  4. Fatbastard; I agree with the tuk tuk driver problem they are arseholes and something no one can fix,The government and the TAT have been trying to get rid of them for years, At the moment they are trying metered taxi's but with lots of trouble from the tuk tuk drivers. Also can agree with what you say about Patong beach but Phuket has many other good places, Its like comparing Bangkok with Patpong, Phuket has quiet beaches and great hotels in other areas and it is the number one destination in Thailand for many reasons, Phuket has a high number of returning visitors that like it how it is no
  5. PHUKET: Phuket has proven to be the country?s leading tourism destination with the announcement of two national Tourism Awards and six Tourist Guide Awards going to the province. Laguna Phuket took the Best Tourist Resort Accommodation Outstanding Performance Award 2002 while Phuket FantaSea received the Best Attraction Award 2002. Phuket?s Paitoon Monpanthong proved to be a star guide for the province by snaring three Tourist Guide Awards: the Award for Excellence, Award for Outstanding Performance - Southern Thailand, and the Foreign Language Award for French. Three other tour gu
  6. Jasmine, Phuket is going the way of the family tourist and couples not the other way around, there is only one beach area that blatantly caters to single male guys and that is Patong beach, read the post of Thaihome much more accurate info on the real situation in Phuket.
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