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  1. Hey Folks (ancients, newbies, old friends and those surfing here), I would like to wish everyone who celebrates Christmas a very Merry Christmas. May your Holiday Season be joyous and peaceful, and your Christmas experience most meaningful. May all of you have a fantastic New Year, one that's healthy and prosperous. I/we truly miss Thailand and pray that I'll be fortune enough to visit at some point, hopefully, in the not so distant future. New Petchburi Pete
  2. Thank you very much Mekong ... I am viewing your reply at about 9am on the East Coast (NC - USA) I have to go meet my son's new 4th grade teacher; and, I'll try option 2 and/or 3 when I get back ... he will be back in school on Monday ! I will let you know how it works. Option 2 or 3 should work. One question ... how do I get the PC into safe mood if not logged in ... without a password ?
  3. A neighbor/friend asked me for help with his computer. When I went over it became obvious to me that this guy lost or forgot the password to his PC. It runs, or used to run, Windows 7, Premium Home Edition - 64 bit. It seems that he did not create a password recovery disc. What's seems weird to me is that when an incorrect PW is typed, no password hint appears. Those who know me understand that I do not have that much technical experience with computers. I told my friend that there must be a solution ... there is one, isn't there? Any solutions or serious advice/recommenda
  4. I meant to add that our backyard is alive with deer, rabbits, foxes and an amazing array of birds! With KS's permission I wanted to show you gents the fine home we now own ... and my wife as a Permanent Legal Resident is co-owner which makes me damn proud of her ! She has advanced so far in life that it literally gives me joy to watch her develop and adapt. She is bright, ambitious and very talented and having chosen me to be her husband I don't mind adding that she displayed fine taste. She is more beautiful now than when I met her at age eighteen. She'll turn thirty years old in Ju
  5. Well, we are happily settled into our new home in North Carolina and nicely situated in a quiet, peaceful, small town which is 15 - 20 minutes from Raleigh. We bought a 4 bedroom, 2 and a half bath home with living area of 2250. square feet. The home was built in late 2006, has a two car garage and a decent sized back yard which my Thai wife loves to garden in. I can see her now tending to her lemongrass, Thai ginger, various types of basils and other herbs, tomatoes and so on. She found a banana tree in a local greenhouse and it's doing great as are her pineapples. She definitely has a gre
  6. About a year after I married my wife (from Chaiyaphum) she insisted that she needed her nose altered or reduced in width. She hounded me so much that eventually I agreed to pay the 10,000. Baht for the 'nose job.' I must admit that it did enhance her exotic beauty. She was thrilled with the result(s) and the whole experience at Yanhee. I was an inpatient once for three days at Yanhee under the care of an internist for a nasty torn muscle in my leg. The care was top shelf. Whenever I rang the bell for a nurse, three would appear. Yes, there are many very looking nurses at Yanhee. Even t
  7. I am sure most of you who knew me, remember me as 'New Petchburi Pete.' I'm originally from the Boston area and moved to retire and live in Bangkok. I married a fantastic young Thai gal from Chaiyaphum there in 2001, had a terrific son and then we moved to East Pattaya in 2005. After being diagnosed with a chronic type of leukemia we relocated back to the United States in Dec. of 2009. Well, my health struggles continue but I am surviving and want to say hello. We miss Thailand but love the USA. We moved from the frozen North where we didn't feel quite welcome and accepted just before H
  8. No, The Golden Vagina is no myth ... ... sure, you've all heard of "Goldfinger!"
  9. Perhaps, this is why the gay population seems to be increasing ?
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