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  1. I lived in Japan a few years myself. Unless you are a natural born citizen, forget it. Every move you make is a faux pas if you are a foreigner.
  2. Yes, I can remember the old Thermae days, although I didn't start coming until the late 90's. There was a low cost Hotel near Robinson Shopping Center and Thermae was in the basement. The toilet had glass doors and ladies were hanging around to help. The female to male ratio was about 10 to 1 in the few times that I went. (the 10 to 1 ratio was about the same at the HELP disco in Rio where I used to go at about that time). Times are changing.
  3. In LOS, Farangs with less than $6B have mysteriously jumped off high rises with their hands tied behind their backs.
  4. You may have missed the gist of the movie. There is a great twist in the plot that gradually reveals itself. In the opening scene, the main character (John Travolta) is kneeling to be shot for Bosnian war crimes. He's the last one in the row of men to be shot in the back of the head. There is an executioner behind each man to be shot. The execution starts in sequence, but very quickly. When it is his turn, there is a long pause before the shot, and it gave him a chance to turn around to get a good look at his executioner. He somehow survives; and years later, after the war, he travels to USA to seek this "executioner" (De Niro). It looks like he's seeking revenge against the shooter during most of the movie but, as Travolta goes about trying to kill De Niro, it gradually dawns on him and to the audience that this "executioner" is the ARCHETYPICAL GOOD GUY and had actually saved his life by shooting him in the spot that would allow him to survive. That is the twist. I liked the movie --
  5. zzzz

    Vietnam (Hcmc)

    I was under the impression that Vn is no place to look for girl friendly bars.
  6. No place is safe if it is known that you have a lot of money. There are desperate about and they will take your money given the chance...but you know this, right?
  7. I saw a couple of good movies recently with nice twists. On one, the twist gradually dawns on you; and on the other, it comes suddenly like a slap on the face. Killing Season (2013) w/ Robert De Niro and John Travolta and Odd Thomas (2013). [i love a movie with a good twist at the end ]
  8. How is your liver doing? I was under the impression (based on your posts some months ago) that you only had a few yrs to live because of a liver problem. Your post here sounds like you are planning on living into old age,
  9. Beautiful bass...art at its finest http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=54dgsB7iYEc
  10. That is amazing I bet not even an average Laotian is capable of that, but I recall, from reading your posts over the years, that you like eating exotic foods.
  11. Maybe they were just trying to strike up a conversation by saying things like "so, you are buying eggs now. I have never seen you buy eggs during the many years that i have known you." Something in that vein may have been what they had in mind but because of language differences or difficulties, it fell short. Tone counts a lot -- was it said nicely or in a mean tone? I get it all the time but in a friendly tone.
  12. Health care seems to be lacking in Cambo. You may have to fly out of the country for decent care in your old age.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z02LHM1kROM&feature=player_detailpage
  14. That pole dancer reminds me of a beauty I picked up one time in an open air beer bar in Pattaya. She said she'd just arrived in town and want to be a gogo girl. Later, when I had her in my hotel room, it was evident that she had not had a chance to wash up after the long ride on the bus from Issan. Her crotch was one of the funkiest I had ever smelled. But the next day, after she had washed up, it was odorless.
  15. You have to be careful what you read. Is this web site legit? Is it right wing?
  16. 9/11 happened during GWB's tenure through neglect by his administration.
  17. It was reported recently that illegals are actually good for the economy.
  18. Here's a guy who made it big playing a right-handed guitar upside downhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=eNgN1Eu7sDM
  19. BE HAPPY http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=hoEle04qu_U
  20. Back in 1966 when I was in US Army Basic Training, I remember the Range Officer saying we had 3 rounds to zero in our newly issued M-14 rifles. Then we had to qualify as either Expert, Sharpshooter, or Marksman.
  21. Drugstore.com agreed to replace the stolen items free of charge. Nice of them. Two day after the theft, the replacement anti-fungal medication was left at my door. That was fast; albeit left in plain view of the public again. The regular UPS guy has been leaving packages hidden by the side door but he's been out because of an injury. It took me couple of hours of video editing using freeware to put the youtube video together, with no previous experience in video editing. There is a close-up video of the thief from another camera/intercom located above the front door; but the editing software couldn't join it with the other video segments -- (probably because it is of different model/manufacturer from the other two)
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