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    Thanks for your comments, suadum. Two points: I would get something like this for sports as I am tired of UBC's focus away from USA sports (not one NHL game, for example and very few collegiate events). But, it would be interesting watching the local news and some TV programs which take eons, if ever, to show up on UBC. I believe there is some way you can connect to your TiVo and that would allow you to record any channels and watch later with the Slingbox. Maybe even a PC with a TV card would work if you recorded programs on it. Yes, the quality of the internet connection in
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    Anyone have one of these, and no it has nothing to do with THAT part of the female anatomy? http://www.slingmedia.com/ I am in the USA at the moment and ran into two friends, who, coincidentally, both have and love their Slingboxes. One is a business lady who travels extensively nationally and internationally. She is able to access her cable TV while on the road on a PC, laptop or even a cell phone. The other is a guy who is still working for the organization I retired from and has the misfortune of being posted in Damascus. His Slingbox is connected to DirectTV satellite with
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys, on how to make this a favorite or book mark of mine. Actually, what I was hoping was that the moderator, adikgede, or perhaps KS, could lock this thread at the top of this section (like the rules) as this seems to me like a good thread to keep handy at all times. Just a suggestion...
  4. Yes, this thread has been a great wealth of information for me too. Often I see a thread like this that I wish I could tag, or lock or something so I could refer back to it again. Is there a simple way to do this? That is, identify a thread you want to 'save' for later? And, thanks guys, particularly you techies for helping out those of us who are technologically challenged.
  5. Says SOONGMAK: 10. Kazaa-lite. spyware-free version of this well-known p2p-software. It will find all music and software I might want, including keygenerators. I was wondering what software members use for downloading music, videos, images, etc. I used Gnutella before but had a few problems with that. I switched to Grokster and it caused me a wealth of grief. All kinds of pop-ups being generated that seem to be embedded in IE. I keep getting them from somewhere called clickspring which comes from something that was dropped into my WINSERV file and I cannot get rid of - sh
  6. I have posted about the twins here previously. I would not put them in the uber-stunner category, but they do have nice bodies and know how to shake it on stage. Also, it is uncanny how they same to anticipate each others' moves, so you get the 'mirror-effect.' On three occasions I saw one customer barfine both of them, although each time they liked to hang around, drink, flirt with other customers, and get on-stage in their civvies if they liked a particular song. One night with her sister barfined, I had a chance to chat with DXXXX, and she proved to be very nice company. No pres
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