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  1. Well, not much of a winter here in krautland. A few unusually warm / cold days aren't evidence of global warming nor evidence against. http://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/nasa-finds-2013-sustained-long-term-climate-warming-trend/#.UuATjrQweHs
  2. Hi, that's actually a fake. He had a problem getting the first picture on the screen (the one of the greek parliament). Someone thought it might be funnier with the bikini girls in it. Actually the bikini girls should have been your first clue. It's widely known that we germans don't get aroused by bikini girls. German porn is still fisting, double anal, piss and shit.
  3. Disks are not altered when you use them as a source for an image or clone them to another disk. Maybe you cloned the nonworking Windows to the disk that was still fine. An error that may happen when you have two identical disks and choose the wrong one as source.
  4. Hi, try Revo Uninstaller Freeware I used it with WinXP and it always did a good job.
  5. Try file-upload.net. Because the free service allows only files up to 100 MB you have to split the RAR file into pieces. Whatever program you use to create the RAR file should be able to handle this. Otherwise try 7-zip which is what I use to create archives.
  6. Well, I would not be happy when I'd have to wait 8 hours until my Pc is up and running again. System, settings and programs would be back in less than an hour which includes the time needed for replacing the drive. Data is of course not stored on the system drive.
  7. No idea where it is and no idea who really owns the plane. Apparently the Thai government gave Walter Bau a bank guaranty and the jet was released. The 'Augsburger Allgemeine' ran an article on august 10th and quoted insolvency administrator Werner Schneider. So where the jet is now, who cares.
  8. There are people out there who would say different. In 2009 Steve got a new liver. His money made it happen. He got a second chance, you and I wouldn't. To be fair, I would have done the same.
  9. For files up to 300 MB you may try simpleupload.net. I used it a few times. No registration necessary.
  10. Yes, they are cheap. So cheap that I do have a bunch of 10/100 Mbit/s cards that just take up space. Check which kind of socket you have on the mainboard. PCI or maybe PCIe x1.
  11. Hi, first check the small wires inside the network socket. Are they all straight? Second try another cable and another socket at your router. These two options are easy to check but usually not the problem. More likely the network adapter (chip) is dead. It might help to put a simple network card into the computer and try that one. As you already tried with different OS it's most likely not a software problem.
  12. The Edimax 3G-6210N might be interesting. Does have a battery, may use 3G with an adapter.
  13. You may have a look at the Logilink WL0083 Wireless LAN Portable Broadband Router 802.11N. Can be powered via USB and is quite cheap.
  14. ThaiHome, is it possible that you link somewhere it says that the Thai government filed an appeal to the March 2010 decision? All I can find is that they are in the process of filing an appeal, which is not the same as filing it. Looks more like stalling tactics and the reason for current events.
  15. Thaihome, I quote from Flashs first post: "The action was based on a decision in 2009 of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law for Thailand to pay Walter Bau more than 30 million for breaching a bilateral investment treaty between Germany and Thailand. The UN court found that the Thai government breached the terms of a toll road concession operated by a venture partly owned by Walter Bau." It's not a question any more if the thai government owes Walter Bau money, it's a fact. Also a fact that a change in government does not void any bills. Since 2009 neither did th
  16. a) He didn't pick the strawberries himself. He got fed by his princess. Not the worst way to spend your time. This happened about three weeks ago. Before the plane got grounded. Most papers just write 'recently' so we make the mistake assuming it happened after the plane got grounded. c) The crown prince is not grounded and most likely he found someone to pay for a private jet back home where everyone gets a Boeing 737 offered as a present. Hint: it's a bad time right now flying your present to germany.
  17. Question: when was the last time the secret service let a First Lady travel on a commercial airliner? I don't know the answer.
  18. Yes Flash, shame on Michelle Obama for supporting Chicagos bid for the 2016 Olympics.
  19. Well, the ministry of foreign affairs told Kasit they are sorry for the inconveniences. But there's nothing they can do. They won't interfere with an independent jurisdiction. The court in Landshut did not yet decide if the plane is indeed the crown princes property. They said the evidence presented was not sufficient to prove it. Therefore the plane is not released. My take on this: as the case is not decided it's possible to present more evidence.
  20. I don't think the plane is his property because then it could not have been impounded by german authorities (assuming they didn't fuck up). It is not his debt. I'd like to have a plane at my disposal that is paid and maintained with everyone else's money but mine.
  21. Please continue smoking
  22. I posted that news some hours ago but KS choose to take it off the board. I guess this thread will not last long. May I add that the crown prince is not accused of any wrong doing. Thailand as a state failed to pay a bill and therefore thai state property got impounded.
  23. Don't know if you have something like the youth welfare office. It might be good to drag them into this so they'll convince your ex to agree to regular visits (if that's what you want). Actually youth welfare office are usually women who'll side with your ex and tell you that you'll have to do 'what's best for the kid'. But they are trained like a pavlovs dog and 'regular visits' is something they just have to agree with. Maybe better when your ex won't take your son to China. Who knows if he'll ever return.
  24. Redbaron, you left your son with his mother. Every day that goes by diminishes your chances of getting full costody or see your son as often as you like. Imagine after half a year the family court finally goes to sit over your case. Also present will be your son who spent these six month living with his mother (and seeing you on occasions). Your son looks healthy, happy (he got a new toy just that morning) and clean with fresh clothes on. The case is decided the moment the judge sees this picture. From there all claims you'll present will not change much. Best you can get visiting right
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