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  1. couple of additions inspired by the pathetic attempts of internet censorship... and get by those pesky work firewall/filters (under your own risk of course...) 1. Ultrasurf - google it and you'll find a very good auto proxy finder that then starts up IE all set up for proxy use to the random proxies it's checked and chosen. Very good. Free. 2. Torpark - even better and still free. Outstanding, works at getting to any site in Thailand or at work.... this is a 5Mb or so program that sets up your own TOR circuit (some kind of private/virtual network or something...), so bypasses any censo
  2. I forgot one priceless (yet free) program in my previous post... it's at http://www.jermar.com/wdrvbck.htm it's called WinDrivers Backup, and it backs up all your drivers seriously, this is fantastic and could really save you one day... it will search out all the drivers and save them all wherever you want. Keep a copy on CD next to your OS CD for disaster recovery. Especially useful for Laptops, with their built in modems and other doodads and hard to find driver information when you run into problems. coops
  3. Before i repeat some that have already been mentioned... 1. Spyware blaster www.wilderssecurity.com . Real time protection against Trojans and the like (I also use Spybot search and destroy to check and clean first....). Has an MRU blaster too, which cleans up any/all/your choice of look up lists, temp browser files and so on. Also has a FLASH KILLER - great. 2. Google toolbar - the BETA version. Google is great anyway, but install the toolbar just to get the free,easy popup blocker - hallelujah. 3. the rest have been mentioned I think - big recommendations for :- Partition Mag
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