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  1. I liked the old board. The new one seems bland in comparison.
  2. I recall Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) pontificating that "death is just another journey...one we all must take". All right for him though. He lived in excess of 3000 years then sailed of to the undying lands. Prick!
  3. Now that I am Just on the wrong side of fity Death seems to be more on my mind than when I was a wee lad. With Jackson and Swayze and a few others falling off the perch at a rather young age it makes one wonder. I don't want to die and it scares the shit out of me. Guess I'm not the only bugger to have thought about this. Would be interested in others views on this subject.
  4. So, how does one use the QUOTE FACILITY on this board? Maybe someone could start a USEFUL THREAD???
  5. Where in the world is Wally and, incidently, I've never cared much for yodelling. Shove those beauties up your jumper.
  6. When I was a kid I sometimes had to use newspaper when we ran out of tissue. Bit tough on the crack. I also once used an old Ukrainian woman's towel after a shower only to find out she used it to wipe her arse.(she happened to be a live-in landlady...uni days stuff)
  7. Us proper, Thai-cultured farangs never think about using toilet paper. Jetstream of water and/or a plastic bowl full does the trick nicely. No more sandpaper scrubbed arse and a whole bunch cleaner. Get with it man. Get cultured.
  8. Fucking hot in Bangers today Hope your prediction of rain prevails. Fuck I'm bored reading all your boring twaddle. Ah fuck I just farted again. Best sneak out of the room before someone points THE finger.
  9. Nope but blew a hole in my trousers
  10. I just farted :content: :smirk:
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