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  1. I notice that it's close to 5 years since I made my first post in this thread! Let's revisit "the essential software list" for 2008. 1. Mozilla/FireBird Firefox 2. Eudora Mail Gmail/Mail.app synced via IMAP 3. Winamp Ditched for iTunes 4. Mobile Safe PC Still have it on my Nokia, but hardly worthy of a 4th place on the list... 5. Note Tab Pro - still in use on my PC:s, but looking for an equivalent on my Macs 6. VLC 7. uTorrent / Transmission 8. Google: Reader, Notebook, iGoogle & Calendar (unfortunately still dependant on MS Word)
  2. I also use Google Desktop Search in several networked environments. I'm very pleased with it. Also, I've tried the Yahoo equivalent -- but I could not figure out how to make it search networked disks.
  3. You cannot legislate prosperity. No, but you can have legislation in place to ensure it.
  4. Ok, new on the list: http://www.stardock.com/products/objectdock/ (well known task bar system for those of you on Macs) :up:
  5. In general terms, yes. Kazaa is good for music, software and "instructional movies". On the other hand, it seems to be some sort of turmoil surrounding this piece of software(s). The owner of Kazaa K+ -- which is different than the owner of the original Kazaa, if I understand it correctly -- is trying to force Kazaa K++ off the "market". Why? Copyright infringements... I also notice now that the Kazaa Lite web site looks more or less like a paysite -- or a porn site, if you wish, minus the skin. This quite turns me off. When I look at that page there are alarm bells ringing 'cause
  6. They're download managers which assist you with downloading single or multiple files. In most cases they speed up downloading by taking home the files in many, many segments. They can also resume failed downloads and you can schedule downloads etc, etc... A very nice feature with ReGetDeluxe is that you can right click on a web page and pick 'download all'. You then get a list of all files residing on the server and you can easily pick and choose which files you want to take home. Beats right clicking on every single link on a page and choose 'save link as'...
  7. And yet another, ReGet Deluxe -- best I've ever seen.
  8. Says Ultraviolet: I am using an anti-spam program called K9 and my catch rate isn't falling below 95%. K9 web page I downloaded K9 yesterday and fired up my e-mail program. Results: Emails processed: 1,546 Number of good emails: 46 Misidentified spam (false positives): 1.4% Overall accuracy: 97.1% This piece of software stays on my computer!
  9. Sarisin, At the bottom of the thread, far left (at least if viewed in "flat mode") there is a link that says "Favorite!". Click that one and the thread should now show up as a bookmark in "My Home" (see link at the top of the board). I just tried it -- and it did work!
  10. Actually, I've used MailWasher for a while but since I only check my "spam boxes" once or twice per month there is just too much mail for MailWasher to handle. It often hangs on me and now when MailWasher gone the "pay for it" route I decided against it A piece of software I forgot: ReGet Deluxe -- briliiant download manager. I could not do without it.
  11. The must-haves (excluding work-related tools such as ACEftp, ACDSee, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc): 1. Mozilla/FireBird Yes, Internet Explorer (IE) is nice -- but IMHO for a "power surfer" there is no way back when you're used to tabbed browsing in Mozilla. Feels a lot quicker than IE too. No need for external pop-up blockers since this is nicely integrated in Mozilla. 2. Eudora Mail It's been free for a while now but still good as gold. I don't need all the bells & whistles of Outlook although I think that one does look nice. 3. Winamp It's awfully boring to sit in front of
  12. Straycat


    Rule of thumb in Thailand: Everything that is imported is rather expensive. Now, I've actually never bought vodka by the bottle in Thailand but I seem to remember when looking at 'Absolut Vodka' in Carrefour that I thought it was expensive. A litre of Johnnie Walker, Black, is about 1000 baht (appr. 25 USD) in the supermarket. A local bottled Scotch (for example Spey Royal) goes for around 300 baht. Thai whiskey goes for around 100 baht. Hope that helps.
  13. And I, especially, want to take baht buses at 100 times the regular price (for Thais), eat sub-par Thai food for a premium, being bugged 24/7 by ten year old kids to buy chewing gum, hassled by katoeys on the beach on however I want a BJ to go with my beer...and...and...and.... I've been a couple of times to Phuket and I must say that Patong Beach is a horrible, horrible place in my opinion. I have a couple of friends that went to Kata on their honeymoon. When two weeks were up they claimed: "We will never set our foot in Thailand again"! It really really shouldn't be like that consid
  14. Well, I have to agree with Vegas Dave and Roger...Pattong is a load of bollocks. Sure, you can have fun there...but let's face it -- it's all geared towards the tourist that has no idea what things should cost or to be served. Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind spending a week or so at perhaps Karon or Kata beach in Phuket. The beaches are nice. Patong in itself though fills me with disgust. As far as I'm concerned these tuk-tuk drivers in Patong can shove their Daihatsus up their a** (they fill fit). -- The tuk-tuk hustlers are indeed very tiring.... Straycat
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