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  1. I've been using BearShare and it's really been great. While the selection isn't as good, the throughput has been pretty awesome and I can still surf the news with my dialup connection. <<burp>>
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    Smirnoff? Oh well, if that's what you like... Smirnoff, 510 baht for a 700 or 750ml bottle, whatever size they come in. Finlandia, 455 for a 750ml bottle Absolute, 559 for a 700ml bottle Quality stuff like Belvedere. Can't be found no how, no way. Least not by me, and not yet On a side note, I was walking on Ruam Rudi and saw a small wine store. Well, I went in to drool over the wine as I used to follow wine avidly. Anyways, I saw they had a rather decent selection for a small shop (although they tended to the quality "name" brands). But still, I thought the cho
  3. Wow, cool information. I only peripherally investigated the option of opening a Company under the Treaty of Amity. Didn't know about the shareholder and director requirement. I am curious though about the shareholder requirement as to me it doesn't make sense especially if the other six shareholders are Thai, but then again, there is so much that doesn't make sense over here, lol. Any nationality can own 100% of their own company if they can get it approved by the BOI ("Board of Investment"). Manufacturing concerns seem to have the easiest time to get approved. Additionally the
  4. No way, no hell, no how. If you do it, and especially if you are successful at it, your competitors will rat you out. No doubt!!! Even if your wife does all the talking and you are just following the group, they'll get you. A guy got clipped doing exactly this. He was doing motorcycle tours of northern Thailand. Think this was about 2 to 3 years ago. Persona non grata now. He's got a Thai wife too. <<burp>>
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