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  1. I started having this problem about a year ago in Thailand (BKK), dunno if they do it just to be annoying, but it works as it IS annoying as I am now neevr sure that I can cash a T/c. I Never liked using ATMS (in addition to the fraud probs), cos I DO tend to treat them like free money when drinking............
  2. This is one of teh reasons why I am not a big football fan. For me the clue is in the name FOOT. If I want to watch folk play volleyball I will watch Womens Beach Volleyball. And then every few years folk get excited that a player turns up who can take on the opposition with the ball at his feet, rather than as soon as someone approachs within 10 feet try and pass the ball away (with varying degrees of success). Of course the new found "wonder player" soon gets re-educated...... I blame the no back pass rule.
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