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  1. When I stay at the home of my gf she always prepares breakfast for me - Western style. In the village it's different - only Thai food.
  2. Kungfu, I keep my fingers crossed for you. Anything is possible in the land of the rising sun.
  3. since I am a theatre technician with projection training I wonder if I could get a job in that cinema hmmm? probably not but it wont hurt trying. if you can speak, read and write Japanese it shouldn't be a problem. Give it a try.
  4. Is this building taller than the Metropolitan Tower in Shinjiku? yes it is and it covers a larger m2 area.
  5. Says uniformguy: Just read about this new entertainment complex in Roppongi that opened during Golden Week. The place is called Roppongi Hills and one of the places mentioned that sounds interesting is a "sexy pub" called Roppongi Kiss Me. It is a sexual harrasment pub where u can safely touch up all the girls inside............ Has anyone been to this place? If not maybe we can check it out together when I get there in 5 weeks.....arriving 30th June. Unifromguy UG, 'Roppongi Hills' is the name for an ultramodern new building (highest building in Japan) which was opened to
  6. Now you're losing your cool attitude for the first time....
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