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Found 3 results

  1. http://youtu.be/X5lwbVBzjPA At 2am on 31/08/14 police were called to the scene of a car crash. A Toyota Altis had crashed into the concrete support column for an overpass in Pataya's Sukhumwit Rd. The driver turned out to be a 25 year old Thai woman dressed in just a bra and a skimpy pair of knickers. When she saw the police she ran off but they caught up with her in a petrol station where the drunk girl proceeded to kick out and swear at the assembled police and reporters before she was handcuffed and driven away in a Baht Bus. Wonder who she was? Maybe returning home from work in a go go bar... http://www.dailynews...บตร.-ด่านัà¸à¸‚่าว
  2. The Secrets-Board was founded in 2006 by a group of Americans who built the Secrets Hotel and the Secrets Bar in Soi 14, Pattaya. I was a member from the first days. It was very lively for years, hundreds of active members posting lots of detailed trip reports and informative reviews, stories, messages, news and comments. Girls, girls, girls were in he center of all texts, reports, messages. From about the years 2012 / 2013 and following it became quieter, very slowly less and less trip reports and other contributions. The number of active members decreased slowly but surely. Last year there were only a handful of active members on the board. Also the topics have shifted massively. There were no more reports and discussions about girls and gogos, about interesting locations with ladies and girlies. The board degenerated into a tragedy. Instead, dozens of articles about the weather, about food and the cheapest chicken drumsticks. Seniors, white guys 65, 70, 75 plus discuss the weather, rental conditions, health care, pizzas and chicken thighs; and sometimes where and what to buy: Viagra or Cialis 555555 I don't mind such topics. But if they control 90 % of the board, then there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Reports, stories, experiences, adventures, information about the girls and the bars should be 80% of the content of those boards. Then chicken wings and pizzas would be a pleasant addition. The loss of active board members on this Secretsasia-Board in recent years shows the structural change in Pattaya. White Western men of sexually active age who have dominated Pattaya in the last 40 – 45 years are becoming a minority. Asian men from the economically up-and-coming states of East Asia take over the direction, the leadership. The dramatic decline of the Western currencies is only one sign of the gradual decline of the West as a whole: scientifically-technically, economically, culturally. Bye bye Secretsasia Board, rest in peace. Bakwahn
  3. Bouncers at Lucifer nightclub attack 2 brothers for buying one drink... When the brothers went to the police to complain and pointed out the attackers, they were attacked again... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n394ZKKnufA Security Guards Assault 2 foreigners in Pattaya A group of 5 cowardly security guards ganged up on 2 brothers who were in Lucifer night club. They attacked them because they only brought 1 drink. PATTAYA – June 8, 2014 [PDN]; at 2.00 a.m., the Pattaya tourist police were notified by Mr. Eli Avrhrm, aged 31, Israeli nationality, with a contused face, that before the incident occurred he and Mr. Dekel Avrhrm, aged 27, the younger brother, went to Lucifer pub in Walking Street south Pattaya, then Mr. Dekel ordered 1 bottle of beer but Mr. Eli didn’t order anything, then a man in black clothes who is a security guard at the pub told Mr. Eli that if he didn’t order a drink he had to go outside because that’s the pub’s policy. Therefore, Mr. Eli walked out of the pub and then went back inside when suddenly there were 4-5 security guards who assaulted him injuring him. Later the police took the Israeli brothers back to the pub to identify the attackers. They then arrested 2 security guards identified as Mr. Boonluea Hoondee, aged 42 and Mr. Wittaya Chairak, aged 25. They also said that there were more than 2 attackers but they might of fled the scene during the commotion. However, the police will rush to follow up and arrest the other security guards and they will be prosecuted further according to the Thai law due to this type of incident is destroying the image of Pattaya. http://www.pattayada...ign-in-pattaya/ http://www.thairath..../content/428101
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