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Found 1 result

  1. Covid seems to have infected multiple threads on Thai360, so in an effort to corral discussion, of Covid itself, rather than the various statuses and openings etc, I'm suggesting we have the serious, what to do about it, discussion, in this thread. I am aware that we have a disparate group, of opinions here, but also some great intelligence as a collective group and as individuals, and wisdom that comes with having been around a while and experience, that most other folk, can only dream of. So, I'll start: ______ I have been cynically proposing, that people who are not vaccinated (and must be stupid) will be most likely, to be the ones in hospital and dying, thereto: improving the gene pool, if intelligence is the criteria. This is proving to be the case in the USA, with some states having to ration health care, purely because the unvaccinated Covid cases are clogging up the system, Google will enlighten. I was having a discussion in which the evolutionary consequences of such a wide spread culling, were raised. I now further say, the this virus, will affect large proportions of the human population, in terms of reproductive viability, because of death and disability. Ironically the anti-vaxxer's "vaccines will make you sterile" - I'm looking at you Nicki Minaj - is the wrong statement, it's "Covid could make you sterile". From an evolutionary point of view, Covid will affect our gene pool and the people's susceptibility, to the culling, will be self selecting, with the following criteria raised, as making them more vulnerable. 1. Genetic predisposition to suffering greater consequences, from Covid infection. e.g. Pacific Islanders being more susceptible, as they were to early Flu and other introduced diseases. There will be other sub populations with similar susceptibility. 2. Economic status as a sub population. Whilst most countries are getting on with the vaccination, some are clearly unable to get sufficient supplies. Even little 'ol NZ is struggling to get enough vaccines. The politicians are careful to say '80% of Eligible people', rather than '80% of people'. Because they can define Eligible, and at the moment, that does not include our children. 3. Until the general population reaches greater than 90% vaccination, it is likely that we will be seeing greater numbers of hospitalisations and more stress on the health systems, and more deaths and disabilities. Un-vaccinated people, will clearly, self select for infection. So the unvaccinated will drive this huge problem. Un-vaccination is caused, not just by, stupidity, but, religion, and the new religion, social media, also poverty and isolation. I welcome any discussion on the above, whilst I am thinking of all this, in terms of biology and population dynamics, I seek, any comment.
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