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'Black box' to enhance number of satellite channel


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Hiya all

I am living in an apartment which is hooked up to satellite??? TV (ie., UBC, Star...etc) but most of the available channels are in Thai. Does anyone know if there is an 'appliance' available(eg Panthip) that will allow me to expand the number of overseas/English speaking channels than is currently available. :help:

Many thanks



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There are black boxes, which range in price from 1500 to 7500 (depending on how much the guy thinks you can pay) BUT your apt must have all the available channels on the incoming line into the flat. Most apts that I have seen have a small room with black boxes that each decode one channel each. So if there are 10 boxes then each apt can get 10 of the UBC stations. (Some are legal , some are not. ) and they would pipe these 10 channels up to the room. An additional black box would be worthless because there is not the scrambled channel coming up into the room for you to de-scramble with the additional box.


To get around this UBC would have to come in and install a fresh line that carried all the raw data. They will do such a thing when you apply for UBC cable or install a cable modem for your computer. But UBC will need written authorization from your building to preform the installation. I have been in a few buildings that have dodgy systems that would not allow such a thing. Other than the normal UBC channels you might want to think of applying for Satilitte. In our office at work we get over 100 channels but most are from other asian countries.

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