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Rama V amulets


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there is no simple answer to that.

amulets from the court of rama V given to court officials are extremely high priced and very rare.

prices, rarety and respect of amulets depend very much on age, edition and reputation. for the very rare pieces prices can go in the millions of baht. while copies, or very similar looking pieces go for one single baht.

has nothing to do if there is the picture of rama V, or a famous monk, or a buddha.

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Aside from the factors mentioned by fly above regarding individual amulets it is worth looking at how Rama V fits in the heirachy of worship etc.


First of all the King is considered a reincarnation of Rama (hence the title) and is therefore in a sense divine.

Secondly the Thais' (or the peoples that made up the modern Thai nation) first faith was a kind of anscestor worship with deceased elders looking out for them in this world and helping in times of need. Buddhism never realy wiped this belief structure out in fact it pretty much incorporated it into the faith.

Rama V is considered the father of the modern Thai nation so some would turn to him in times of trouble as much as a revered monk or the Buddha. It's very much a personal thing.

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