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Udon Thani


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>NongKhai is more interesting IMO.

there are some smelly whores around but you need to give them a good bath first .<


Details about location please?



>genital cleanliness is not usual . <


From my sample of one in UT (location as indicated by 'gettingno') i have to report hygiene was immaculate, she was totally clean, especially genital area.





"Moderator", would you please respond to my PM regarding a proposed post on this thread?

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I stayed in Udon 2 weeks 1 month ago but unfortunately cant tell you much about the nightlife as I was there visiting my gf who is living there.

At first sight Udon can seem a bit boring but once you know the good night venues (Mambo...) you can have a lot of good time and you will find everything really cheap.

I would recommend the Charoensri Grand royal; best location, nice/large rooms for the money and staff very friendly.

Not sure that I would go there without the gf though but I'm really a bkk guy... :)

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Fatboy said:

I hope to spend a few days in Udon next month, and I would like any up to date info on the nightime scene. Would also appreciate any general tourist info. Will probably stay in the Royal Charoensri Hotel as it appears to be good.



Well I spent one night there last month, arrived at 9pm, left at 9am.


8 of the hours in between were spent with one of the hottest chicks I've ever had in SEA. Unbelievable. You just never know.... :)

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Re the road mentioned above, with a number of local thai brothels.


The less said, the better, because you risk incarceration if you're not careful.


However, I returned a few days ago, to find a rare gem I met before.


ALL places in the soi had been closed up, and padlocked from the outside. I understand many of them served as permanent living quarters for it's workers. Wonder what happened/ crackdown/maybe deserved?


Anyone knows?


Any connection to a private conversation i had with some moderators here a short while back?


The mind boggles......

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There are lots of Thai brithels with lady laos. I have been to them many times, but I discovered that most of these lady laos have genital warts. Over half of them very obvious. I took a few of them back to my rooms before in the past, and checked them out clearly. Most of them have some warts and they don't even know it and think they are pimples.


Cheap is not always good or healthy in these brothels. I still prefer go to nicer Thai karaokes and get these cleaner Thai girls for ST 1500-2000, or they have part timers too in the discos.

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