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10th visit - first trip report


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Hi to All,

Thought I would write a report as I am currently enjoying visit number 10 and have never posted a report before.

I am currently in Pattaya having arrived in BKK 1 week ago with my friend Gary.

We made our 1st trip out here together some 4 years ago now but he has not been back since primarily owing to the fact that he is in a very serious relationship and is planning on getting hitched next year.

He was desperate for one last fling before settling down and was desperate to get out here and relive some fond memories.

Actually getting him out here for a week without telling his girlfriend where we were really going was quite easy really but involved some serious deceit although on the flight over he was racked with guilt and kept saying what am I doing , if we get caught its over but 2 hours after landing we were in EDENS in the big room with 4 sex machines and all thoughts of his beloved had gone and were were both enjoying the action.

This was probably my 6th visit to Edens and the two girls that I had were previous partners of mine but one in particular was very very good so no problems making my mind up when I saw that she was free.

We had arrived there after spending 30 minutes or so at the Soi 7 Beer Bar area which I took Gary into so he could get a flavour of the scene again.

Nothing much there in the way of cuties but I plan to spend some more time there next week.

In the evening we spent some time in what is my favourite bar in the whole of BKK - Long Gun and Gary ended up taking a hot young thing while I did my usual of visiting most of the Bars and getting wrecked before crashing out somewhere in a desperate state.

This time it was the Disco in Nana Hotel where I had spent an hour or so walking round and round looking for some cuties.

I had difficulty focusing so it was probably better that I got pissed and fell asleep mas I might have woken up with a horror.

We were staying at the Comfort Inn on Soi 11/1 which is clean, friendly and good value at 650 baht per night but in serious need of a paint job.

Gary thought it was a shithole but for me the cheaper the room the more money for drinking and shagging.

The following day we took the mini bus to Pattaya and booked into my usual venue - Diana Dragon Apartments - 300 baht per night, great food, bar open all night absolutely top value.

Gary thought it was a shit hole.

That evening I took Gary to Super Baby but it was crap as usual. the girls there all think they are something very special and unless you are Japanese, generally they are not too interested.

Next door in Carousel however, different story with some very nice and friendly girls and ended up bar fining two and we headed to the Bamboo Bar to listen to some music before heading off home for some bodily fluid release.

Reasonable start to the trip and will update you on days 3-7 later.

Bye for now


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Hi there,

The Diana Dragon Apartments intersect Soi Beaukow and 2nd Road.

The name of the soi is actually called Soi Diana Inn.

It is about 10 minutes walk from Soi 8 or two minutes in a baht bus.

There are other apartments close and all represent very good value for money and are central for all the action.

By the way Soi 8 is very quiet at the minute , I am going to post part 2 now.



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