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10th visit - 1st report part 2


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Hi to all,

Instead of writing exactly what I have been up to day by day,I thought I would summarise the sexual bits as I am sure no one is particuarly interested in my eating habits or whatever else I may get up to during the day.

Days 3-8

I have visited Pattaya many times but am constantly looking for new venues of interest.

I have never previously visited the Buffalo Bar which is situated on Pattaya Tai on the opposite side of the road and not very far from Xzyte disco.

This bar is well worth a visit as they have about a dozen girls there of which 4 or 5 are pretty damned nice and no real pressure put on you at all to buy them drinks.

I have visited there three times already and taken the same girl.

Once for long time (and met up with Gary and his girl from the Carousel Go Go.)

Took them to Tonys but mine did not really seem interested in the music just wanted to get back to the room for a shagging session.

I am partial to a bit of anal now and again but very rairly find a girl too willing .

This one was up for it big time and that is probably the reason why I took her again but only for short times in one of the rooms they have in an adjacant building.

She is a shagging machine and even though she was waiting for a guy who had paid her barfine and was coming back for her at 12,

she still went short time with me at 11.15.

Poor guy but I am sure he still got a good time.

Another new venue for me was the King Kong Bar on Soi 6.

Heard from reading previous reports that this is a real sleazy place and I can vouch for that.

Been there twice and 1st time was upstairs shagging within 5 minutes .

Very nice hard shag and went back a couple of days later and took same girl.

Cost was 200 baht for the room and 500 baht for the girl - great value.

I have been generally dissapointed with the Beer Bars at this time especially my favourite area - Soi 8.

Very poor Standard indeed at the moment.

Spent a couple of evenings at the Beer Bars at Soi 2 and far better quality.

Gary my mate fell for a 36 year old who I thought was no more that 28 and spent a couple of afternoons wooing her before she caved into his charms about 3 hours before he was getting a taxi to the Airport.

This girl is biding her time before she takes a real job and no money changed hands.

I took a girl that was OK and she did her best but did not like me going down on her and only went down on me for a very short time.

She was nice to sleep with though but will not see her again as I prefer a real slut and she was too nice.

Paid her 1,000 baht both times.

The other beer bar area that I took a girl from was the one at the foot of Walking Street.

Took a very nice looking girl last night that had a lovely arse but what a shocker when she went naked.

Tits flat as a pankake and very bad scars on her belly.

Shagged her and enjoyed it but then got rid which was a bit dissapointing as I was going for her long time but the tits were a big turn off for me.

Could not face waking up to her as I do like a little play in the morning.

On the go go bar scene, the two that I think are best at the moment are the Carousel in Soi Diamond and Classroom 1 in soi Pattayaland 2.

Strong line up in both and took two from Carousel (1 I got rid of at Hollywood as she was not that interested and Gary ended up shagging her as well as his girl but said that she was shite so did myself a favour)

At Classroom 1 there are 3 that I like a lot but will only go short time and I really want to have more than a quick fumble.

Saw what I thought was the biggest dickhead in my whole life the other night.

Gut was about 50 and had leather trousers on. He thought that he was a film star or something and that every girl dancing was desperate for him.

Made a real arse of himself and left alone.

Next door at Lipsticks I did have the opportuinity to take one of the girls at the door.

She was not bad at all but wants 2,000 baht long time.

My general rule is 1,000 baht beer bar girl and 1,500 baht go go bar girl and 2,000 baht for a stunner.

She was not a stunner so did not bother with her.

My highight so far is number 142 at Sabai Dee body massage.

She just loves fucking and she is desparate for a vibrator as she is not getting enough sex at this quiet period.

Asked me if I knew where she could aquire one.

I believe they are against the law out here.

I give her 1,500 baht after paying the normal 600 baht fee.

Off to BKK on wednesday and will post more soon.

Generally I have having a good time but my feelings are that there are only 50 per cent of the quantity of girls compared to December when I came last (apart from last night).

On a personal note I have been covering up this time after posting previously about being a serial barebacker.

Had the test in April and after getting the all clear , I am not going back to my old ways.

Regards to all


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