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Help! Get this girl out of my bed!


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Another story that's a few months old-I have lots more if anyone enjoys reading this drivel!

I hit NEP alone around 6:30 pm with plans to see my Angel Witch gal from last Friday. As it was early, I settled into a seat at Big Dogs and watched the girls stroll into NEP, one of my favorite pastimes. A new waitress took the seat next to me without me even noticing her before. She was fairly cute and she sat and talked with me for a good 30 minutes and never even hinted about buying her a drink. She had only been there 4 days and previously worked at Carnival as a waitress. She said that she was very choosy about the men she went with as between her salary and money from drinks, she did OK. She is 21 with a 4 yr old kid back home with Mama and Papa. Said she was "young and didn't know any better" when she got pregnant by her Thai boyfriend. She lives with her sister in an apartment and the sister and the rest of the family thinks that she is only a waitress and "mama would not be happy if she knew I go with Farang".

I really enjoyed talking with her and I bought her a drink finally and we talked another 30 minutes. If I hadn't already already made a commitment to see Miss Angel Witch, I would have taken her in a second (In retrospect, I wish I had). I told her that I would come and see her again when I get back from America (she likes bowling!). I then walked by Titty Twister to deliver a message to the little waitress whose boyfriend is arriving next month. I told her that her boyfriend is coming and she acted disinterested. She tried to get me to take her to the ST hotel and when I told her that I don't use ST hotels as I have an apartment, tried to get me to take her there for ST. I played along and said that I don't do ST and she said that she didn't want to go with me LT because I was a big butterfly. Then she asked "how much you pay me? Girl tell me that you pay small money now for LT, not same before." When I was a "rookie", I had paid her 2000B before. I told her that I always pay 1000B and if the girl wants to stay LT, it's up to her. She called me a cheap bastard and walked away. I stopped at Farang Connection and bought a drink for S's gal and asked her if she had fun in Pattaya.

"S Jai Dee. Pattaya sanuk mak mak" I told her that she was a good girl and that S was a lucky guy. S, she is going to become a popular girl there as she becomes less and less shy and learns a little English. She is a cutie, but don't worry, she's way too old for me! I bid her goodbye and headed to Angel Witch. D's crazy buck-toothed girl (since nicknamed "Yun", which means big ugly rat teeth in Thai) gave me an icy stare as she is pissed at me because I didn't take her last time. My gal is sitting next to me before I can finish sitting down and is very, very happy. We have a quick drink, and she asks if I will buy her "no 1 friend" a drink too. I do, and then the mamasan comes over and my gal asks me to buy her a drink too. Is this the same girl that I literally had to force payment upon last time? I ignore the request for the mamasan drink and tell her to get changed and we'll go. I take her to the Landmark buffet and notice when we sit down in the light of the restaurant, that she has "whore make-up" on. She is a pretty girl and doesn't look good all "whored-up". At least I don't think, maybe some guys like that look, but I sure don't. We eat dinner, and she doesn't eat much. I keep trying to get her to eat more, but she insists that she is too full. I notice throughout dinner that the conversation is not too stimulating. We hop the skytrain and go to a movie at Major Ekkamai. I get a Pepsi and she wants a big bag of dried squid tentacles and popcorn. What the fuck? We were just at one of the best restaurants in town and she was full, now she wants a fucking snack! She says the food there was "no good" (I guess they didn't have Issan food!) and she wanted her dried squid and popcorn. She can tell that I am slightly pissed and backs out on the popcorn. We head into the movie and she munchs the whole big ass bag of squid tenatacles! The movie is Snatch, a Pulp Fiction wannabe that is quite good.

Of course the F word appears quite a bit, and EVERY single time she hears it, she giggles and says "they said fucking-he he he". I am on a date with Beavis and Butthead! I get her home and I realize that I really don't like this girl very much. Last time, I just took her from the bar and we went home and had fantastic sex, but now I have no interest in being with this immature, shallow, and basically stupid farm girl. She showers while I get on the computer and sell some stocks (fucking Nasdaq!). She gets impatient and wants me to come to bed. When I finally do come to bed, she pretends to be asleep. Fine with me, I turn out the lights and sleeping is all I want to do. She hugs me and says "just kidding" and starts kissing me. I barely return her affections (I feel like a bar girl with an ugly, fat Farang). Here I am in bed with a beautiful, naked girl with a fabulous body who really, really likes me, and I have no interest in her. She moves down and gives me a very bad BJ and I decide just to do it and get it over with. I touch her and she is soaking wet! I haven't hardly even touched her. I go through the motions and finish as quickly as I can and tell her goodnight and that I want to sleep now. I have to push her back to her side of bed several times telling her that I can't sleep like that. In the morning, I slip the 1000B under her purse (she takes it this time) and rush her out the door. I think she senses that I am not happy and asks "you no want see me again?" I should have told her the truth, but said that I would see her again when I get back from America "sometime". I guess I will avoid walking past Angel Witch for a while! Or maybe, I'll drop in for a drink and tell her I can't take her and she'll get the hint. Maybe part of it was beacuse I was "fucked-out" from the 4 days in Pattaya, but I realized shortly after barfining her that I just didn't like this girl and wasn't attracted to her anymore. Off to Batam tomorrow for 2 more days of fun before heading to boring America for 2 weeks to take care of taxes and see family.



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