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Philippines trip report-Angeles and Manila


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Here's a report from a recent PI trip

Day 1-First day in Angeles

After the travel day from hell, we arrived in Angeles around 1 am. The flight to Singapore was OK, other than my video control not working, and Singapore Airlines is great. The Singapore airport is amazing, great shops and restaurants, ultra modern, and everything in English. Then the fun began, our flight to Manila was less than a half hour late leaving the gate, but as the plane picked up speed to takeoff, it slowed down and started heading back to the gate! The pilot mumbled something about an E-cam warning and said that the engineers had to check the equipment and clear us to fly. 2 hours later, as we sat at the terminal still on the plane, the pilot announced that the "problem" was fixed and we finally got in the air.

We arrived in Manila about 2 1/2 hrs late and B and M were patiently? waiting for us. We found our van driver and headed for Angeles. The van driver complained that he had been waiting 7 hours (no doubt hinting for a big tip). Well, you moron, didn't you call and confirm the flight? No, of course not! B and M popped the cooler and found bottled beer, so they asked for the bottle opener from the driver. Guess what the bottle opener was? A fucking spoon! When we were done opening the bottles, the driver was paranoid about getting his precious spoon back too. Then, when B was ready for another beer, the moron couldn't find his spoon. I guess B opened the bottle with his teeth as he was mighty thirsty! We arrived in Angeles and checked into the Europhil, which F decided was just about the worst hotel he had ever been in. We managed to secure rooms at the Orchid for tomorrow, so F only had to "suffer" the indignity of staying in a zero star hotel for 1 night. I hope he is not scarred for life now! We hit a few go-go bars, Volcano, La Bamba, Y Bar and Voodoo, and the talent was not overly impressive (it was 2 am, so maybe tonight will be a better test). I managed to find a very shy cutie at La Bamba and after not finding anything at the next bar, I went back and grabbed her (barfine 1000P-20 bucks) and met the boys in Voodoo. The were all pounding the alcohol and having a good time. I was more interested in getting the gal back to my room and finding out just how shy she was. I had to remember that I was not in Thailand, and I could speak regular English with these girls. I kept finding myself instictively speaking in fractured bar-girl English in a very soft and high voice. Hard habit to break! At least I didn't speak Thai to them. Well, I got my gal back to the room around 3 am. Shy was an understatement! After a little kissing on the bed, I got her to take a shower. She was in there a real long time and finally emerged towel clad with bra and panties on. She liked to kiss no problem, but didn't want me venturing below the neck. I took things very, very slow and she finally allowed some tittie action, but freaked out when I tried to venture further south. I tried to see if she would venture south and take care of me, but there was no indication that it was on the menu. I finally gave up on any more foreplay and went for the main course. She was not too shy about this and we had a good time. In the post-coital cuddling period (F, do you know what that is?), we talked and I discovered that she wasn't quite as old as she had told me in the bar (oops), and that I was her first barfine (she had worked at the bar only 2 weeks). Normally, I would be very skeptical of such claims, but her actions led me to believe it may be the truth. She said that she had had one boyfriend before in her province (somewhere near Cebu), and that he had a wife and she was the Mia Noi. I tried, in the nicest possible way, to interest her in learning the fine art of "eating the banana", but she was just too shy. We cuddled in the dark for a while, and I did get her to finally "touch it" and that turned into a very passionate round 2. We finally got to sleep just after 5 am, and I heard the boys stumble in about that same time. I awoke just after 11 am, and met the boys to go and change hotels. Sent her on her way with a 300P tip-6 bucks.

Probably won't see her again, except to say hello to her in the bar. She is a sweet girl, but a bit too shy for my perverted tastes! After checking into the Orchid (F was satisfied with his room, so we won't have to listen to him bitch now), we had lunch at Margarita Station. I ordered a couple of my favorite Filipino dishes, Pancit and Lumpia Shanghai (they were good, but not as good as my ex mother-in-law's cooking-her only redeeming quility, by the way). We then checked out the afternoon action at La Bamba. F and B were both eying the same gal, but waited too long and the only other customer in the bar grabbed her. We then took a stroll down Santos St (blow row). The boys were not interested and left to do internet. I wanted to get what I missed out on last night, and took an average looking gal in the back room for a promised "double blow job" in my allotted 2 hours-400 P (8 bucks). She was OK, but not as skilled as I been led to believe. She got tired after maybe 20 minutes and I questioned her "professionalism and dedication to the job". She went back to work with renewed gusto and managed to achieve sucess. We lay on the bed and talked for maybe 30 minutes (you can actually have a real conversation with these girls!). She had led a hard life, raped at 16, unwed mother with a bastard child at 17. She worked at a Karaoke place before, but hated the Filipino "boys" that were the main customers. Said that she hated Austrailians ("they are all assholes, and they smell bad too!"), and Germans. I asked for my promised round 2 and she claimed she was too tired. I asked what about her promise out in the bar and she said that I took "too long" the first time and now she was tired. Well, her tip got a whole lot smaller as I got dressed, handed her 100P (2 bucks) and left. All in all, not horrible, but not quite what I had expected, but what do you want for 10 bucks? Hopefully, tonight F will have a good time. I know that I will.

Night 2-Strike 1, strike 2, strike 3, and yeeerrr out!!!!

I don't quite have the hang of this place just yet-it ain't Bangkok. After having a nice Italian dinner with the boys, we hit the Roadhouse bar next door. I spotted a cutie and bought her a drink and we talked (I talked too much as I was later to figure out). When the boys were ready to change bars after about an hour, I asked if she wanted to go with me tonight. "I have menstration" was the reply. I said that it didn't matter and I was willing to take her anyway, but she was not keen on this idea. STRIKE ONE!!!! One of our Bangkok pals, who also lives in Angeles met us in the bar and we all went to Neros, a new and very nice club. I think this place had the best collection of fine Filipina's that we had yet seen. I, once again, quickly spotted my "stunner" and invited her for a drink. She seemed very friendly and not at all shy, so after 30 minutes of the standard get to know you chit-chat, I asked if she wanted to go with me tonight. She glanced at her watch (it was 8 pm) and said "I no like barfine". The mamasan was standing right next to us and I looked at her and asked what's up. She talked to the girl and finally said that she has her period also. STRIKE TWO!!!! I knew this was of course a lie as you don't need to look at your watch to know if you have your period or not. I kind of bitched a little bit about the girl "wasting my time", which of course was inappropriate, but I was a little pissed off. I am used to getting turned down in Thailand maybe once a month, not twice in an hour! Off to the third bar, King of Diamonds, where there was not a gal in the place that was even remotely interesting to any of us. B knew the manager who bought us a round of drinks. Off to Cuddles to resume the hunt. Once again, I spot a beauty dancing and invite her for a drink. She had "nice hooters" as B would say, and was very friendly and said she thought we were "compatible". Again, after a long conversation, I asked if she would like to go with me. "I am a cherry girl". Fuck me!!!! STRIKE THREE!!!!! YOU ARE OUT!!!!! I asked what exactly that meant, as I know some cherry girls will do BJ's and just about everything short of regular vaginal sex. She said that she could only kiss and hug, so I said goodbye as the boys roared with laughter at my continued misfortune tonight. The next bar we hit was Lollipop, and I was determined to find a non cherry girl. M told the waitress to bring over the best girl in the place for me. A gal comes out and procedes to dance in front of me, showing her tits and rubbing her crotch suggestivly in a very erotic dance. I don't think this one is a cherry girl! She is a bit chunky, but not horribly so, so I buy her a drink and she instantly puts her tongue down my throat. The other 4 boys are occupying a booth and all have gals in their laps. The booth next to them opens up, so I take my gal and we sit there. She is not shy and my hands are roaming. It's a diddling bar!! I ask if she likes 2 ladies and one guy and she indicates that she likes that, so she invites her friend over. This girl has a nice enough body, but has a mole on her face the size of Wisconsin!! No way could I stare at that all night, but I buy her a drink to be nice. I ask the first girl if she has any more friends and she points to a more acceptable gal, so now I have 3 girls in my booth and am having a good time. I am trying to decide if I want just the one girl or two girls (not mole girl!), when I notice the boys sending one of their gals over to talk to my girl. She gets a really horrified look on her face and I wonder what the hell she is being told about me. She says something about not being able to go with me beacuse I have red hair and then says "only joke from your friends". If they had been more subtle about it and the girl had really told me that with a straight face, I probably would have shot myself-LOL. The boys are ready to leave, and I am still unsure what I want to do, so I stay behind with the three girls. One of the gals that was with M, comes over and sits in my lap and now I have 4 girls! None of them are really that great looking, and I decide there must be one stunner in town who isn't a cherry girl and doesn't have her period, so I head out. I pass by the King of Diamonds and the manager is outside, so I chat with him for a bit. He gives me some advice about what I am doing wrong and tells me that this is not the same as Thailand. The best looking girls are often cherry girls and those that are not are often looking for boyfriends or husbands and may not go with you if you mention "barfine" too quickly. Also, the fact that I told these girls that I lived in Bangkok and had many girlfriends and was a big butterfly was a big mistake here. I head off to another bar and agian spot a cutie dancing and buy her a drink. Early on in the conversation, I ask "you aren't a cherry girl, are you?" Yes I am! STRIKE FOUR!!!! Damn, these girls should wear a red C on their chests or something! At least I didn't waste a half an hour on this one. Back to Nero's where I grab a very fine looking welcome girl and drag her in with me. This time, before buying a drink, I ask if she is a cherry girl. No, thank god, she has only worked here for 2 months, but had an American boyfriend for 6 months before. We engage in the usual small talk and I ask for the 5th time tonight "do you want to go with me?" with less confidence than I have ever had in my life.

"Yes", and we are quickly out the door. She is hungry, so we eat poolside at the hotel and then head for the room. She seems very passionate and not at all shy and has a fantasic slim body. She asks "you have condom" and I indicate that I do. After some serious tonsil hockey, I venture south of the border and am not rebuffed. But, for the first time ever, my "give and you shall recieve" does not work. I say, hey I do for you, now you can do for me? I think she is going to accomadate me, but instead she quickly mounts me (forgetting about the aforementioned concom) and rides me hard. Too hard actually, but she can not be stopped or slowed down as she is "making herself happy". When she starts moaning and screaming, it gets me excited too and jsut when I am starting to get happy myself, she announces that she finished already and we are done. What the F***???!!!! She then sits in bed reading a magazine and basically ignores me. I ask her if making me happy has any priority at all and get no response, so I give up and tell her that I think I want to sleep alone. She dresses and leaves (without a tip) and says "thank you very much" on the way out the door. So, I think I need a new approach tonight. Maybe going for all the stunners here is a tough proposition, but I will not give up so easily.


Day 3-And you thought Bangkok was small!

After a quick tour of Santos Street and finding nothing appealing, we waited for the afternoon go-gos to open up at 2 pm. I don't remember the name of the place we went, but I spotted a gorgeous waitress and bought her a drink. Wasn't a cherry girl, so far so good. We talked a long time and the boys left me there as I didn't want to rush things with her. I finally popped the question and was told "it's too early". What the fuck does that mean, you either want to go with me or you don't, so strike one today. Went to La Bamba on my own as I had no idea where the boys were (miss the cell phones). A little cutie was smiling at me, so I brought her over for a drink. Not a stunner, but cute and very small (4 ft 11, 85 lbs). Swore she was 18, so who am I to question? I inquired if she was a cherry girl (what a pain in the ass it is to have to ask that!), and she responded by telling me the exact date that she lost her cherry! Sept 20, 2000 for 30,000 Pesos no less, of which she received half. 600 bucks to buy a virgin, no thank you very much. The discussion got more direct and I enquired whether she liked to "smoke". No, she didn't. Well, I almost decided that was strike two and got up and left, but there was something about this girl that made me stay. We talked for a long time and were getting along very well. Some more discreet inquiries were made and she indicated that maybe she could try some "smoking". We have a winner, and I paid the barfine with no mention of it being "too early". Went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and ran into M. He said that he had a date for dinner also, A from Nero's. Say that again! It's my girl from last night who I kicked out! He knew her from way back and was quite surprised that she had treated me that way. He said he knew her before she started working in the bar and maybe she had become hardened. Probably just a case of YMMV (your mileage may vary). Usually it works the other way with me and I am the one who the girls "treat right" and the other guy is less than satisfied. Anyway, I thought it wouldn't be such a good idea if we all went to dinner, but M thought it would be great fun. Before dinner, I took my gal for a test drive, and she handled very well and did as promised in the bar, although she had obviously not had much practice (we'll have to work on that!). We all headed out for dinner and M went to grab his girl and meet us at the restaurant. We ordered drinks and waited for them to show up. I wish I had a picture of this gals face when she saw me sitting at the table-complete look of horror followed by a hand covering the face! M relished all this and needled her all throughout dinner, never letting on that he knew about last night. He even made her switch seats so she was sitting directly across from me-cruel! I had told my girl the whole story, so it was not too uncomfortable for her, but M's gal was not a happy camper! Two of M's friends showed up and joined us for dinner, and then we all headed out barhopping. The 2nd bar we hit was Nero's, M's gals bar, and my girl had a good friend there also. I told her we could buy her a drink so they could sit and talk. This girl was also good friends with M's girl, so all 3 of them are talking in front of me. Oh boy, this is strange and awkward. A couple more bars and I am ready to head back to the hotel. Stopped at the internet cafe and I have to remember that these girls can read English. There was a message from my Soi Yodsak Pattaya gal which she saw. But, she checked her E-mail and showed me the messages from her 2 boyfriends, including the one who bought her cherry, so we are even. We hit the hotel and she got into bed without showering and started watching TV. I showered and climbed into bed and turned off the TV and started kissing her. "Again???!!!!" was her response. Houston, we have a problem! I told her yes, again and maybe again and if she didn't like that she was welcome to go home to mama (she lives with her parents). I then rolled away from her and sulked. I knew she would either leave (in which case I would go look for another girl), or get with the program. She snuggled up to me and started kissing me and everything was fine. Once again, her technique needs work (watch the teeth!), but other than that, it was very, very good. In the morning, she woke me up and practically raped me, so I think I may keep her around the rest of the trip. I am tired of playing the guess the cherry girl game and haven't had the best luck in picking girls. I let her go home and change and she is meeting me at the hotel for a swim later. I am not sold on this place, but I wasn't sold on Pattaya at first either, so I won't write it off so quickly.

Day 4-Off to Manila

Angeles is beginging to grow on us. It took us a few days to get the hang of things here, but I could learn to like it. Just need to stay out of the casino! I was the only white guy there and it was packed with Filipinos. I was actually ahead 5000 pesos at one point, but ended up dropping 10,000 (200 bucks). You should have seen my girls face as I was betting 1000 or 2000 a hand. You know how many guys she has to screw to make that much? As we were leaving, we started to walk towards the street and one of the guys from the casino ran after me and insisted that he call us a trike so I didn't get robbed He made small talk while we waited for the trike and asked if she was my wife. I almost said "no, she's my whore", but instead said "no, my girlfriend". Back in the hotel, we had a nice long session that was interrupted by her realizing that she was doing "nasty" things and wanting to stop. Damn Catholics, anyway. She reconsidered and we had great make-up sex. We are going to try Manila for a night so we don't have to worry about getting up early to get to the airport. I kept the same girl for the past 2 days and was ready to cut her loose anyway. It would have been tough if I wasn't leaving as these girls tend to attach themselves to you if you keep them more than a day.

Day 5-One night in Manila

We got in the van leaving Angeles and a dejected , lonely B behind. B, I am sure you find some nice girl to keep you company! Got into Manila and checked into the City State Tower Hotel. Very nice deluxe room at 1750P. We walked over to Robinson's Mall, which was every bit as big as the biggest malls in Bangkok and wandered around. Ate at a very nice Korean restaurant near the hotel and then got in a cab and headed for EDSA. Of course, the driver tried to talk us into going to look at some "apartment girls" that were availabe for 1500P all night and told us how expensive EDSA was. We arrived at EDSA around 8 pm and checked out a few clubs. This place is similar to NEP, except there are only about 6 or 8 clubs. But, they are very nice and more upscale than the clubs in BKK. The girls all looked bored and disinterested, but this was perhaps because we were too early. The boys reported that the action picked up and more girls flowed in after 10 pm. Unforntunatly, they said the Japanese also flowed in and dominated the clubs. The first place we went (forget the name), I spotted a goddess with "nice hooters", B would have been in love! We made eye contact and she kept hiding her face and acting very shy. I was hoping that it was just an act, but when the mamasan came over and asked if I wanted to buy her a drink, I said "maybe she is too shy?". "Oh, she is a cherry girl!". I am so sick of hearing that! The mamasan said there were 4 cherry girls in the club, but all the rest were "available". This was the only girl that interested me though. One cute girl walked by in her street clothes, but wouldn't even look at me. I asked the mamasan about her and was told "Oh, she only likes Japanese!". One good thing about Angeles is we don't have to worry about the damn Japanese! Off to the next club, Pitstop, which had a race car theme that was very neat. There were quite a few very nice looking girls in here, and I spyed one on stage with a great smile and she was smiling at me, so I bought her a drink. She was very shy and didn't talk much, but I ignored the warning signs and asked her to go with me anyway. 900P barfine and 2000P for her (for some reason, I didn't bargain and even forgot to ask whether this was for ST or LT).

I guess I figured since I was just here for one night, I didn't care too much (sorry guys, I know this was "rookie" behavior). I did, however, inquire if a certain service would be offered (it's so romantic asking a girl if she will suck your cock!). She got dressed and we headed to the next bar, Firehouse. Again, a very modern and nicely decorated bar. The girls on stage were barely moving and looked as bored as they could be, however. I decided to leave with my girl as this was not real entertaing and left the boys on their own to continue the hunt. Back in the hotel, we watch a little TV and I slowly start to kiss and fondle. She is very, very shy it seems. I manage to get her undressed and send her off to shower. After a long makeout session, I venture south to a nearly hairless, beautiful pussy and dine for a long, long time.

I roll over and wait for the return favor (which was promised in the bar). Nothing! She doesn't move. I say "I did for you, now you do for me". Nothing! I move her head to my chest and ask her to kiss. Nothing! I ask "what's wrong?" Nothing! What the hell?! I remind her that she said she could do in the bar. Nothing! Finally, I am about ready to give up and she asks "you want blowjob?". Yes, that's what I have been tellng you for 20 minutes! By this time, I am not really even in the mood anymore, but she finally gets to the task at hand and gets me back in the mood. From here on out, everything is fantastic. We do all kinds of "nasty" things and the shyness had disappered. I still have no idea what the problem was, but we ended up screwing for almost 3 hours and then agian in the morning, and she was really into it. My last girl was like this too, maybe they need to pretend to be shy so you don't think they are "bad girls"? I don't know, maybe I just picked less hardened, experienced girls. All 5 girls that I had in PI came with some sort of problem, although most ended up good when I exercised patience (not my strong suit!). Off to Batam! The Philippines may be worth another try at some point, but it won't be a regular visa run.


I am off to Angeles in 3 days for a one week trip. I think I'll have a better time now that I know how to "play the game" there. Manila is not on the itinerary.


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