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Readme and Rules for Relationships Forum


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Welcome to the Relationships Forum


The rules posted here are in addition to the General Board Rules, which can be found by clicking on the "Rules" icon "Board Rules". Please go and read the Board Rules before posting in this forum to avoid any problems.


The following are some rules specific to the Relationships Forum, due to the unique and sometimes sensitive nature of the subject matter in the Relationships Forum:


The nature of this forum is to allow fellow board members to share the personal experiences they have had, or are now having, or even wish to have with Thai girls (in most cases). The subjects presented here require all possible sensitivity, as many posters will reveal a lot about their past and present relationships, for the good of this board, and in many instances to help other members to keep from making the same mistakes the poster may have made. Here you will find many posts on mistakes made, love found, love lost, and all kinds of the problems, wonders, cultural differences, amusing anecdotes and the joys, trials and tribulations of the experience of having a relationship with a Thai woman, no matter what her background. Therefore, we ask that all posters here be treated with the same respect that you would like to have applied to yourself. It is no fun to share personal glimpses into your life, only to have someone verbally rip you apart for it. This is a place for sharing; not condemning, judging, and preaching. The flaming rule will be vigorously enforced in this forum. (Please read this anti-flaming rule which is placed below. It will be enforced and all posts that do not conform to this rule and the other board rules will be monitored and edited or deleted accordingly by the Board Moderator.)


Please remember this is a Thai board, so relationships should be about these. If you want to raise an issue about a non-Thai ex-wife, girlfriend, etc., that is fine. But don't start a thread about a girl you just met in Liverpool (unless she's Thai).


Also, please remember the board rule on not identifying ladies and men in any manner. (This rule is also attached below for your easy reading and will be strictly enforced.)


We hope you enjoy your time here, and please never hesitate to offer your suggestions on how we might better things in the Suggestions Forum of this board.


Thank you.


-The Board Moderator





7.) Flaming; flaming is NOT tolerated! It is an absolute certain way of getting banned from the board.


Definition of flaming; an abusive or personally insulting message. This includes insulting or inflaming remarks concerning the character, or personality, of another poster. It also includes innuendos, snide remarks, and any overtly negative connotations towards a fellow board member.


You can disagree with a poster's message, but an attack personally on the poster him/herself will result in a deleted or edited post and/or banishment from the board, depending on severity of offense. There are very likely posters on this board with different beliefs than your own. Please respect those beliefs, even if you don't agree with them.


8.) Privacy: Posting information which could lead to the identification of individuals is forbidden. This rule extends to the ladies and men in the nightlife scene as well. So, no names, numbers, or identifying marks of the women/men are to be disclosed here. Associating a particular woman with a particular bar is also restricted. There are a number of reasons for this, and this rule will be very strictly enforced, so do remember this when composing your posts. With this in mind, please don't ask for, or give, recommendations about bar ladies or massage parlor ladies. On a related note, people are considered to be innocent until proven guilty. The word of one poster is not, and never should be, enough to start a witch hunt. This board will NOT be used to seek revenge.

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