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Readme and Welcome to the Arts and Culture Forum


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Welcome to Your Arts and Culture Forum



"Arts and Culture" forum will concern all aspects of thai life as a culture, but will not be a section to address social questions. It is therefore about customs, traditions, performing Arts, but also architecture, modern and ancient, or religious topics, definitely Buddhism as it is practiced in Thailand by monks and people. Folk arts and artifacts, cottage industries, Art of course, even modern, and the places where one can see their manifestations (and buy the products). This also includes Thai classical dance, music and the subject stories, theater, well... you get the point. This will be also the section where specific sights (man-made, natural or water-borne) and the regions or cities where we can see them will be promoted. Your reports, questions and answers are being eagerly awaited as there is much to discuss on these topics. Environmental issues, nature life, national parks, wildlife reserves, hilltribe sanctuaries etc. are cool. Of course, festivals being often the highlight on the cultural side of visiting thailand, inputs about them, their location, their dates, their origins will be a worthwhile addition. Do not hesitate to tell us about little aspects of daily life, certain behaviours or customs that have struck a chord, befuddled or amused you. So, altogether, a section both for the tourist, the knowledgeable expat and the culturally inclined to report, share and inquire.


Thanks for your interest and participation. We look forward to hearing your input and inquiries.


The Board Moderator

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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